Ratt Infestation at the TLA in Philadelphia PA 5-8-10

Show Review Ratt Philadelphia PA 5-8-10



Touring behind their new CD Infestation, Ratt played the TLA on South St. in Philadelphia, May 8th .They played all the songs every one wanted to hear. The Opening song “Your In Love” sounded a little off but by the time they got to second song “Lay It Down” the sound was more balanced and the rest of the set sounded great. They played a lot of classic songs like, “Way Cool Jr.”, “Lovin You Is A Dirty Job” and “I Want A Women” and they closed with “Round And Round“.





It would be hard to pick and any stand out moments in this show because it really was a good show as a whole. As a fan I was happy to hear the set they played. I just hope they finish this tour as friends with out trying to sue one another and make another CD.



For More Pics Of The Show Check Out The Pics Link Above

For More Info On Ratt Check Out






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