ST. ALBORNE is from Philadelphia PA. Their 8 Track, Self Produced, Self Titled CD has a lot to offer. If your looking to rip some ones face off this is not for you. The CD is very soulful and laid back. But don’t get me wrong , this is not at all sleeper. Bass Player John Mangan and Drummer Rob Smith lay some funky rhythms and Singer Damon Small shows his versatility on songs The Last Goodbye and Final Call. The song I like most on the disc is One Night Stand. Why ? Well, according to Damon Small “this is the song that gets those freaky ass bitches in the mother fucken mood.” The song just rocks. Bottom line there are 8 solid songs on this CD.

Band: Rob Smith (Drums), Damon Small (Vocals), Joe Napoli (Guitars), John Mangan (Bass)

Track List:

28 West Duval St.

Take Me To Your God

Excuse Me Miss

A Man Must Be Strong

One Night Stand

Last Goodbye

Don’t Save Me

Final Call

For More Info:

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