Interview: Bang Tango / D’Molls Drummer Trent Anderson


RN: What’s going man? What are you up to?

TA: I just got done the new D’Molls CD. It was done here in Chicago. And it’s being shopped now.

RN: And how about the new Bang Tango CD?

TA: I have already finished the 9 tracks for the new Bang Tango CD. That was done in Phoenix. We will be finishing the vocals some time in June, and Anthony Foxx will do the mix in LA.

RN: What’s going on with the Bang Tango Tour? How is it going?

TA: It’s going good. Bang Tango will be on the road non stop this year. We will be at the M3 Festival. We just booked more dates. We added Allentown and Philadelphia. For all the dates check out the Bang Tango site.

RN: What else are you up to beside Bang Tango and D’Molls?

TA: I’m putting together a cover band here in Chicago called New Dead All Stars. We are going dress up like zombies. We are going play rock versions of R & B songs. And just gonna have some fun.

RN: Are you still with The Dogs Divine?

TA: They are some of my best friends. Right now Paul Crosby of Saliva is playing drums for them.

RN: He produced the CD right?

TA: Yes he did, along with Chip Znuff. I was in a band with him about 6 years ago called Solace For Now. That had Johnny Sprague from the band Ear Shot as well. We did a video, it had a little play, but Paul had to go back with Saliva. We did ok with that. It was a good time. That’s how I know Paul. And he’s known the Dogs back when we where touring. Tom (the singer for The Dogs Divine) was in another band called Low As I. And that’s kind of how we all met and we just stayed in contact. It’s a big circle of friends. If the Dogs ever need me to play and Paul’s out with Saliva and if I can I’ll do it. I would never leave those guys hanging. Like I said they are some of my best friends.

RN: You have played with a lot of bands. For people that don’t know what are some of the bands you played with?

TA: My first big national band was Black Bone. With Josey Scott from Saliva. We put out our first record on Surf Records which was an upstart label out of Indianapolis.

RN: Was it hard for you in the beginning?

TA: We dirt roaded it. We toured and lived in this van. It had no heat and bald tires. The shifter broke off. You had to shift it from the column to get it in to drive. It was horrible. I wouldn’t wish those conditions on anyone. But it taught me, how bad you really want some thing. And how bad do you want to go after it.

RN: What’s the difference between touring now and touring then?

T.A.: I realized that some people complain about the dumbest shit. They didn’t have the right hotel room, or they didn’t get the right beer on they’re rider. I don’t care if you sold a million records. If something is messed up like that, it’s an easy fix. I always look back and say to myself it can be a lot harder and I could be a lot worst off. I feel blessed that I am able to make a living doing what I do.

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One thought on “Interview: Bang Tango / D’Molls Drummer Trent Anderson

  1. Hi Trent, are you currently with Bang Tango? Saw them last month in Joliet with Chip Snuff and George Lynch. If that was you, you totally killed it and was the best player of the evening. Technically and musically. Are you a native to Chi- town? Take it cool.

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