Life Of Agony’s Joey Z Interviewed

RN: What going on with the new live CD/DVD?  
JZ: A promoter from NJ asked what we thought about doing the RRR CD in its entirety at my club The Starland Ball Room. So we thought about it for a few days and we decided it would be fun. We started to prepare for it playing songs that we have not played in awhile like, The Stain Remains and Words And Music was fun in the rehearsal room. We recorded that show at the Starland. Our sound engineer Matt Brown recorded that one. That particular recording will be a special item only available on vinyl.  
Than we ended up going to Europe a few weeks back. We did 3 more RRR shows, one in Belgium, Holland and one in Germany. We recorded the Belgium show with a full 10 camera video recording and a full protools studio recording. They have a studio up stairs. They had a 10 camera crew come down and shoot the footage. And I was asked to mix it. And it looks like this Live DVD/CD will be packaged in one package and they are looking to get it out in early summer. Late July early August. So every one be on the look out for that. Because it’s going to be killer. I believe we went with Life of agony 20 Years Strong Live In Brussels. RN: I read an interview you did awhile back ,that the Starland show was going to be available for download through ITUNES is that still going to happen? 

JZ: We tossed around a lot of ideas. Sometimes we shoot off our mouth before we think. We change our minds a lot. That’s the kind of band we are. We don’t get so stuck in our thoughts and ideas. But I think, Keith or Sal came up with this idea and we liked it. To do a vinyl release, we haven’t done that. We want to do some different to cater some of those really hard core LOA fans. That may still have some vinyl. Like myself and some of the other guys in the band. I don’t think it will be available for download. 

RN: Will you release that through your website or at shows? 

JZ: I think this is something that we will bring along with us to shows. So you can’t just get it any where. I think we may even number them and sign them. In till we get it mixed and in till we get the vinyl then we will decide what exactly we want to do with it. Because we run our own show. We don’t have a label. We don’t have management. We manage our own band. And we are our own label. I Scream Records is putting out the CD/DVD from Belgaum. We signed just for that particular release. It was not a signing where will do records in the future. Although I have to say, I Scream has been very supportive with this live DVD. They have been great. 

RN: Are there any plans for a new LOA CD? 

JZ: Well as a band, we write like turtles. On are own we write a lot. But when we get together we take a long time. I don’t know what it is. If it’s how we’re structured or how we formulate as a group. We are very hard on our selves as a group. Occasionally we can be hard on each other when it comes to writing. That’s fine because we come out with really good stuff that way. And you weed out all the stuff that just isn’t gonna make it. And lately every one has been so busy and concentrating on their side projects. Keith has his solo project that’s been going on for years. Alan started a comic book series called Wire Hangers. And Sal has a project going called A Pal Horse Named Death. He’s finishing up his CD right now. I have had the studio going for years now and I’m also writing some of my own stuff as well. So every one is kind of busy, so there is not that much time to write a new LOA record right now. 

RN: Have you guys got together at all to where you’re at? 

JZ: I don’t want to mislead you. We got together a few months back. We have thrown around some ideas. It was cool we were just testing out the waters. It was alright. I think it was just scratching the surface of where we can go. And what we can really do as a group. Nothing really stuck and in till that moment happens, in till there is a peace of music in front of the four of us, where every body is like “this feels good” in till that happens I think the process is going to be super slow getting there. 

RN: How does it feel to be in a band that has been around for as long as you have? 

JZ: We just spoke about this recently, how much we appreciate each other and how happy we are that LOA is still around. If you think about, you only live once and we are grateful for what we have as people. Yes we worked hard and it wasn’t handed to us that’s for dame sure. We’re grateful that we where able to build this name, this brand on a real foundation with out being a bunch of bull shitters. We only did music that felt was real. We really are proud of our history. 

RN: What’s going on at Method of the groove? Who have you been working with lately? 

JZ: Misery, we just finished a full length album. It will be coming out this summer. Some time in August. It’s on Super Metal Records it will be distributed by Megaforce. I have another band coming in to Method of the Groove called Truth And Needles. I have another band coming in called End All and we’ll be doing a full length with them. There’s a lot of good stuff going on I’m looking forward to this year and all the bands and everything.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Joey for taking time out from mixing the new LOA/DVD to talk with me.

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The following info was pulled from the I SCREAM RECORDS webpage.


May 21st 2010
On Saturday April 3rd 2010 I Scream Records recorded & filmed Life Of Agony’s performance at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium, this was the second show of their exclusive European “20 Years Strong” tour. In late 2009 the band performed their debut album “River Runs Red” in its entirety during a few exclusive, sold out, US shows and, after popular demand, they went over to Europe in April 2010 to perform a set built around this amazing, legendary album.
“20 Years Strong: River Runs Red | Live In Brussels” will be a digipak combo release holding a CD of the entire show as well as a DVD with a 10 camera production of the show, an on-the-road documentary and much more.

Track listing:
1. This Time
2. Underground
3. River Runs Red
4. Through And Through
6. Bad Seed
7. My Eyes
8. Respect
9. Method Of Groove
10. The Stain Remains
11. Other Side Of The River
12. Love To Let You Down
13. Weeds
14. Lost At 22

“20 Years Strong: River Runs Red | Live In Brussels” in stores July 19th in Europe & July 27th in the USA.

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