Interview: L.A.GUNS Guitarist Stacey Blades

RN: Are you ready for M3 next weekend?

SB: Yes, we did it last year and it was really cool. We were on the 2nd stage, but we will be on the main stage this year. Jet Boy, Kix & L.A. Guns are the 3 bands returning. This is turning out to be the big festival of the summer. It’s going to be a really killer day.

RN: Will the band be doing a meet n greet at M3?

SB: Yes I think we will be doing it at our merch table. The meet and great last year was crazy. We really enjoy meeting with the fans. It’s harder at the big shows. Not a lot of bands do it. The fans love it, and we hold it dear. The night before M3 we are doing a L.A. Guns meet and greet pool party.

RN: Will you be doing the VIP Meet n Greet?

SB: I think so.

RN: What’s going on with the L.A.G. Tour? Are you still doing the Cocked N Loaded Tour? Or has your set list changed?

SB: This tour started in January, it’s called The Greatest Hits And Precious Gems Tour. One song has not been played live since ‘89 and I’ll leave that as a surprise. People have been digging’ it.

RN: When I caught you guys on your last tour Kenny just joined the band how is he working out?

SB: Kenny came aboard in July almost a year ago. His 1st show was opening for Whitesnake in Sioux City arena around 8000 people and the 2nd show was Warrant a free concert in Syracuse around 10,000 people. He’s a real professional. He has great energy on stage and he is a great musician and brings a lot to the band.

RN: Do you want to talk about your book “Snake Eyes“?

SB: My book has been out over a year now. I started working on it October 07 and it still kind of blows me away I wrote a book without a ghost writer. It’s gotten great reviews on Amazon. It’s tough, you really put your self out on a limb talking about your life and other people. It’s right from birth in till now. It’s really a story of inspiration how I never gave up and stayed focused. And all the shit I had to go through to get where I’m at. The reason I called the book “Snake Eyes” is because there was so many times I was almost there, and so many times the rug would get pulled out from under me and that would just make me try so much harder. If any one has any books and want the signed bring them a show and I’ll be happy to sign them.

RN: Will we be seeing a new L.A.Guns CD ?

SB: We get asked that allot, but right now with the industry the way it is, there are no deals out there. A lot of the Indy labels are gone. We are dying to do new music. Maybe in the end of the summer we will do 2 or 3 new tracks and put them up on iTunes. As we put more material together we may look for a deal.

RN: How have you seen the industry change from the time you started in till now?

SB: When I joined L.A. Guns we would tour, do a record, do production, and then repeat. What is strange is that there is much demand for compilations and cover albums. I’ve done a ton of session work in the last year.

RN: What’s going on with your solo CD?

SB: I just released my solo album which is an instrumental album. Its classical music metaled out. It’s only available on Amazon and iTunes. It was released 3 or 4 weeks ago it‘s called “Symphonic Slam“. Adam Hamilton (former LAG Bass Player) produced it in his studio, he played bass and drums and did all the orchestration. It kind of feel in my lap, Brian Perera at Cleopatra Records was doing sessions and asked me to be part of it. The first track turned out so good he suggested we do a whole record. I’m glad I did it. It’s really going to prove to people “that this guy just isn’t Tracii’s replacement but a he’s a great guitar player as well.” I am really glad I did it. I always wanted to do an instrumental record so I’m really glad I got it out there. It showcases my playing. I really got to rip it up and show some different influences. A great mixture of dynamics. I was able to get creative. Like ‘Moonlight Sonata’ were I played a Strat, and played a blues sound like Stevie Ray and Hendrix and put that style into the mix. It’s not just 10 songs of nonsense shredding. I’m really proud of it.


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