Eye Empire’s Donald Carpenter Interviewed and CD Review

 Eye Empire’s Donald Carpenter Interviewed and CD Review



This CD reminds me of a lot of different stuff that is out there but Eye Empire brings those elements together and more to make “Moment Of Impact” what it is. A fresh hard rock CD with very heavy songs such as the opening track “ I Pray” to the melodic “More Than Fate” and balanced out with softer tracks such as “Last One Home “ and “ Reason”. I also hear a song with great commercial value in “Feels Like I’m Falling”. The song “Victim” features guest vocals by Lajon Witherspoon of “Sevendust“. And “Sevendust” member Morgan Rose handled the drum duties. There is not a lot that can be said about this CD that is bad. Every song can stand alone and as a whole it’s a solid effort.

Eye Empire is:

Corey Lowery – Bass (Stuck Mojo, Stereomud, Dark New Day)

B.C. Kochmit – Guitar (Switched)

Donald Carpenter – Vocals (Submersed)

Will Hunt – Drums(Dark New Day, Evanescence, Black Label Society)


I spoke with Donald Carpenter check it out.

 RN: Tell us about your Record “Moment Of Impact”

Donald Carpenter: This record is just really about our love for music. It’s a place you can get at where you are standing at the edge of your dreams and being put in a position where you have to start over. But you’re not starting over from scratch. Your starting over with that knowledge of where you been and where you want to go. And this record really tells that story. There are a lot of personal stories in it and a lot of insightful stories as well. From what we have been seeing in the world. And we want to tell our fan base that we are here and we see it the same way. And we can relate to each other. This is kind of like our hello and lyrically it is some of the most honest stuff I have ever been apart of. So I am very proud of it.

RN: When was this CD recorded?

Donald Carpenter: Cory and Brad demoed a few of these songs a few years ago. Cory and I got together on Halloween 2009 and by December 2010 we had our first limit addition release. We became a band, played some shows, recorded it and released it with in a year.

RN: Tell us about some of the meanings to a few songs. We will start with “More than fate”

Donald Carpenter: This was my first studio session with Cory. And I was still trying to find my place in the song and in this band. I thought it would be a great opportunity to write my story, about what’s going on in my life. So that’s really what the song is about. Starting over with that knowledge. Going back knowing what I know now. To me it’s our story as a band. What we all have been through and where we are at now. And believing that everything happens for a reason. It’s more than fate it is just meant to happen. It’s destiny.

RN: The song “Reason”

Donald Carpenter: Some times I enjoy writing brutally honest songs about my self. My bipolar side tends to overly judge myself. In the verses I was beating my self up about where I was in my own life, even though I hold my self to higher expectations. By the time I got to the course I wanted to write a song that people can relate to. Every one is always wondering why we are here. Are we just recyclable goods? Are we just here to live this life cycle and pass on? Everyone would like to think they have a purpose a reason in this life. We all beat our selves up and we all give our selves a hard time. No one really knows why we are here but we have to stay optimistic and be ready to swing the bat if it comes your way.

RN: And “Great Deceiver”

Donald Carpenter: Great deceiver – it’s about alcohol. It’s about my love for alcohol. You always know its bad for you but you always find your way back to it. It’s a monkey your back. We tried to be vague because we want the listener to think of any vice they may have that’s keeping you from being 100%

RN: You guys are gearing up to do a full release of your CD “Moment Of Impact “are there any copies left of the limited edition version?

Donald Carpenter: We still have about 500 copies of the version 1.2 left. We asked the fans who bought the first version of the CD to take a picture of them selves holding it with what ever numbered copy they had and we have added a collage of our fans in this new version of the CD.

RN: Before we wrap this up, is there any thing you want to say to your fans?

Donald Carpenter: I feel like there is a need for a grass roots movement. Not just in our music or our radio. I think we need to take owner ship not just of our country but of our communities and our selves. That’s what we are about. And we want to keep that rooted with in our music. If we like something we see we need to support it. If we see something we don’t like we need to speak out against it. We just want our fans to say hey we believe what this band is about and we want them to know we will stand up for them.



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