Rev Theory Show Review and Interview: The Final Night Of The Monster Outbreak Tour March 6TH Jermyn, PA

Rev Theory Show Review: The Final Night Of The Monster Outbreak Tour March 6TH Eleanor Rigby’s Jermyn, PA


Rev Theory rocked Eleanor Rigby’s Night Club for the final night of The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The weather was bad in up state PA and the fans still came out and showed their support for one of the area’s most loved bands. As a whole I thought the tour package was good. The Black Cloud Collective did a good job during their set. Pop Evil was next up and to be honest they didn’t look like an opening band. They controlled the stage and had they fans through out their set. Rev Theory was next up and they killed. Totally rocking the place. From the opening song “Dead In A Grave” to the acoustic “Hollow Man” to their last song and new single “Justice”. During the show and after all the bands took time to hang out, talk and sign autographs for every fan in the club. I would say it was a fun night of Rock N Roll for North Eastern Pennsylvania.


Rev Theory started their radio promotion tour here in North Eastern PA. as part of a 97.9X secret show. Playing their new CD Justice a few weeks before its release as well as playing a few acoustic songs for their fans. That night I spoke with Guitarist Julien Jorgensen about the upcoming release of Justice and touring plans. That interview can be checked out here.

Check Out Pictures Of The Show Here.

I had a chance to speak with Matty McCloskey and Dave Agoglia before they went on stage. This is what they had to say about Justice……Read On


RN: I spoke with Julien a few weeks before Justice came out. Now that it’s released, I wanted follow up and get your thoughts on it.

Matty McCloskey: It’s only been two weeks but our sales have been comparable to our last record given all CD sales are down again this year by thirty percent. It’s pretty positive that our sales are at the same level.

RN: What has the feedback been like since its release?

Matty McCloskey: The reviews we have been getting have been great. People seem to like it. The goal behind this record was more then just making a record and putting it out. We have this whole idea of the justice movement. And the signal “Justice” and this album is kind of a call to arms. People seem to be responding to it and we tried to make it cohesive with the music the content the artwork and the live performance and people really seem to be digging it.

Dave Agoglia: I think it’s the best reviewed recorded so far. Everything I have read has been very positive. We think it’s more of a consistent body of work. We tried to bring that live feel to the record. We stripped it down.

RN: How did the Outbreak Tour go for you guys?

Matty McCloskey: The tour went great. Being it was the first Monster Outbreak Tour, it was really successful. The crowds have been great. Hopefully we will do more with Monster in the future and expand on this and see where it goes on a larger scale.

RN: What’s next?

Dave Agoglia:

We are supposed to do the Hard Drive tour with Silvia. That’s for some of the spring and we will end the spring touring with some festivals. Rock On The Range, Rocklahoma, Carolina Rebellion and some big radio festivals. In the summer we are doing some shows with Black Label Society to end the Fuse Tour.

RN: Is there anything you want to add before we wrap it up?

Matty McCloskey: I just want to tell everyone not to Miss Justice. It’s a great record and all the reviews are saying it could be one of the best rock records of the year. Your not gonna want to miss it. In our eyes it is the best rock record of the year. Make sure you check it out and come see the live show. And find out what Justice is all about.

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