Thank You


Thank You


OK here’s the deal. I want to thank everyone who followed us on twitter and put up with all of are bullshit on Facebook with all of the M3 Rock Festival updates. We think we had some good coverage and a lot of great pictures to share. It was hard being at both stages at the same time so we did not shoot every band. Our review of the show and pictures will be posted later in the week.

As you all know, or at least you all should know 5-16-11 marks the one year anniversary of the greatest singer in music history’s passing, The Late Great Ronnie James Dio. As far as we are concerned it is a national music holiday. And out of respect we will only be posting one thing for tomorrow. That is our Tribute to Ronnie.

We did have the opportunity to interview Whitesnake guitarist/ former Dio Guitarist Doug Aldrich yesterday at the M3 Rock Festival. And that will be included in our tribute to Ronnie.

If you are looking for coverage of the M3 rock festival Check out Eddie Trunks live show on siriusxm channel 38 the Boneyard at 6PM EASTERN TIME for a break down of the festival. Taime Downes of Faster pussycat will be live as well as a tribute to the late great Ronie James Dio.

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