M3 Rock Festival KIX OFF PARTY 5-13-11 SHOW REVIEW

   M3 Rock Festival KIX OFF PARTY 5-13-11 SHOW REVIEW


   Well according to some to day is the day. The beginning of the end. The Rapture, End Days are among us. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but I’m glade we got in, one last weekend of heavy metal debauchery.

   The M3 Rock Festival came back to Columbia Maryland last weekend Friday and Saturday May 13th and 14th with 21 bands, side show attractions for everyone.

Let’s start with Friday night. Kix, Warrant, L.A.Guns and Jetboy Played The M3 Kix Off Party. I have seen these bands in the past so I thought to my self going in “there are no surprises here“. It’s going to be a fun show.


   I was really looking forward to Jetboy because this would be the first time seeing them without their original singer Mickey Finn. I had my doubts. I have seen youtube footage of Jetboy with their new singer D.K. Revelle and thought “it’s ok, they don’t sound bad” but then I seen them last weekend and was floored. Jetboy showed up rocked the place. No disrespect to Mickey Finn but D.K. Revelle brought a lot of energy to this band. And from where I was standing the crowd reaction was great. Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod brought their style of  blues based heavy metal / hard rock guitar riffs along with Jes Reckless on Bass and Jesse Mendez on Drums this lineup is killer. I hope to see Jetboy do some kind of East Coast Tour.

Jetboy: Set List Was As Follows

Dogs Gotta Roam

Perfectly Wrong

High Gear

Crank It Up

Goin’ Down (Above The Clouds)

Bullfrog Pond

Feel The Shake


Folsom Prison Blues

   What can be said about L.A.Guns? No surprises here. L.A.G. brought it like they always do.

L.A.GUNS: Set List Was As Follows

Letting Go/Slap in the Face

Sex Action

Never Enough

My Koo Ka Choo

Wheels of Fire

Electric Gypsy

The Ballad of Jayne

No Mercy

   Warrant…. Last year at M3 2010 every one was talking about how great Warrant was. And considering I missed them last year. I thought I would stick around to see what I missed. They sounded good.

Warrant: Set List Was As Follows

Sure Feels Good to Me

Big Talk

Sex Ain’t Love

Down Boys

Sometimes She Cries

Dirty Rotten Stinking Filthy Rich


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Cherry Pie

   Kix, this to me was huge. It brought me back to a time when fans acted like fans. Old school fans I know  you will relate to this.

   Does anyone remember the last time you went to a show and right before the headliner the lights go down and fans jump the chairs to get closer? I remember doing that but can not remember the last time I had to.

   And I don’t want to hear it’s because we are old. It’s not an age thing. These young fans at Avenge Sevenfold shows don’t jump chairs.  I seen Slayer 3 times last year and no one jumped chairs. Hell no one jumps chairs are Metallica shows anymore.

   I was sitting 5th row center I left my set to shoot the first 3 Kix songs and when I was finished I could not find my row. People went absolutely nuts for Kix. The band was supposed to go on stage at 9:30 and end at 11:00 and do a meet and greet at 11:15. They played in till 11:30 and still did their meet n great. And met with every fan that was there to meet them, without cutting it short.

   If you ask me Kix is what Rock N Roll is all about. They came out, kicked our asses for 2 hours, meet with their fans and happy do so.

Kix: Set List Was As Follows

No Ring Around Rosie

Atomic Bombs

Don’t Close Your Eyes


The Itch

Hot Wire

Girl Money

Cold Shower

Blow My Fuse


Kix Are for Kids

For Shame

Midnite Dynamite

Cold Blood

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


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