Blackwarter James E.P. VOL.1 CD Review & Interview

I received a copy of the Blackwarter James E.P. VOL.1 about two weeks ago. I received it a day before I had to take a road trip and played it on the drive. It was definitely good driving music. Considering the trip was about four and a half hours each way. This didn’t boar me or put me to sleep. In fact it was quite the opposite. The only problem I had with it was, it only six songs. It has an early Areosmith/Buck Cherry vibe to it. The songs are full of hooks and infectious melodies. Not to mention the guitar work between Deanna Passarella and Chris James gels well. Josh Burns drops grooving bass lines through out the disc. And Todd Schlosser’s back beat holds it all together. I can only be described it as straight up no frills Rock N Roll. With six songs and certainly no filler I have to give this CD a 6 out of 6.

Blackwater James is:

Christopher James – vocals and guitars

Deanna Passarella – guitars/backing vocals

Josh Burns – bass/backing  vocals

Todd Schlosser – drums/backing vocals

We had a chance to speak with Christopher James and Todd Schlosser about their new E.P. VOL 1 here is what they had to say

RN: How does your new EP, Vol.1 differ from your last CD.

Christopher James: Our last CD we did completely in house at our rehearsal space. And it coast us absolutely no money what so ever. We were really surprised by the response we got from it.  So this time around we decided to spend a little bite of money. And do an E.P.

RN: How long did it take you to record?

Christopher James: About a week.

Todd Schlosser: About five days

RN: Why didn’t you go all the way and record a full length CD?

Todd Schlosser: We really wanted something we felt comfortable shopping. And we think with the E.P. we accomplished that. The first record is pretty raw. It’s decent but I think it describes where we were the time. The E.P. is more polished and it’s tracked live. We all got in the room together and did all the instrumentation live.

RN: How do you guys write your songs? Is there any one person that writes or is it a group effort?

Christopher James: We all write in the same room together. Even lyrically. We say how does the music make us feel. Than one of us will come up with a hook and than we will come up with a story around that hook. And totally write around it.

RN: So there are no deep seeded stories behind any of your songs?

Christopher James: It’s about half and half. We try not to get really deep. On the first record there is a lot more depth as far as lyrical content. A lot of it is about relationships or party experiences either I or Deanna have had.

RN: Do you have more songs that could possibly be added to make a new full length CD?

Christopher James: We consistently write. We have what would essentially be Vol.2 done. But what we would like to do is shop this E.P. and see where it goes. And by that time we will have a good thirty song catalog that we can work with publishing or any of the majors or who knows. We just think it would be more viable if we had a full catalog to offer up.

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