ZO2 played North Star Bar Friday June 3erd. Support coming from The Better Half and Phantasm. ZO2 played songs from all three of their CD’s as well as two new songs ‘Heart Of  Confusion’ and ‘That’s What’s Up’ that are only available for download at this time.

From the time the band took the stage to the end, the crowd didn’t stop moving. ZO2’s brand of Rock N Roll far surpasses the bands they grew up admiring. In my opinion they are one of 2 newer bands that do it the right way.

What do I mean “the right way” you ask?  Well I’ll tell you. They have great songs with a lot of melody and hooks. And on stage they have fun. They want to be there and it shows. They have smiles ear to ear and they give every thing they got when they are up there.

I have seen ZO2 perform quite a few times but it was not until this show that I realized how dedicated their fans truly are. They came from different states to show their love and support, some drove eight hours. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is.

If you have not seen ZO2 live yet than you really are missing out. The bands high energy performance and the amount of fun the band and fans have at a ZO2 show will make you want to go back. I keep going back.

ZO2 also played The Recher Theatre in MD. along with BANG TANGO and KIP WINGER the next night, Saturday June 4th.

I was not there but one of our readers “Joel Walter” was there. And here is what he had to say  “ZO2 ROCKED THE HOUSE AT THE RECHER THEATRE, THEY ARE ENTERTAING AS HELL AND COULD BLOW THE DOORS OFF AT ANY ROCK VENUE”

Video Courtesy of : WICKMANFAM

ZO2 – Painted Lady 6/4/11  THE RECHER THEATRE MD.


Set List For Friday 6/3 PHILADELPHIA PA Was As Follows

Living Now

Painted Lady

Red Line Highway

She Believes


Get Up Now
If You See Kay

Tom Sawyer (Rush Cover)


Heart of Confusion ( new song down load only )

That’s what’s up ( new song down load only )

Infinity Rising

Ain’t It Beautiful

Show Me

Fly On Your Wings

I had a chance to speak with Paulie and David before they took the stage check it out.

RN: Are you working on any new material?

Paulie:  Yes we just released four new singles that are available online. We also have songs that we wanted to put out once a month but decided not to do it because fans have told us that they want a new record as well.

RN: Do you have a timeline for the new record?

Paulie: We are shooting for early next year.

RN: Will the new songs you have online now make it on to the new record?

David:  Yes that’s the plan. We kind of have been going back and forth on this. Because of the way the music industry is going. It seems like a lot of new music is going straight to download. But what we are realizing is that a lot of our fans still have not adopted that mentality yet. Some have and some have not. So a lot of our fans don’t even realize we have songs you can download. The plan was to put the songs out online and in the end put them all out on one CD. But we think we are going with a new CD because we think our fans would like that more than the downloads.

RN: Well from a fans point of view. I don’t mind downloads. But I would rather have the CD in my hand and read the liner notes and have the cover art. So I understand that. Also I think there is a diffrance in age as well. Younger people I think perfer downloads over CD’s.

Paulie:  Exactly, this way you will have the option. People that want the download can get it and for the people that do want the CD can get it as well.

RN: The last time I spoke to you guys I asked why you stuck to the east coast and have not played other markets. And this is the first time you have played  Philadelphia in a while right? Are you looking into other markets?

Paulie: It’s been a while since we played here. The place we used to play at closed down. Every place is closing down.  We try and find places that are still thriving. We would love to hit the whole country again. But it’s not financially feasible. That’s why we want to put out another record it gives a reason to go out and push.

David:  It gives other people a reason to back you as well. Record labels, investors and management. You are only as good as your next product.

RN: I don’t mean any disrespect by my next question. Pretty much I wanted to ask you if you have gotten disillusioned. You are up to album three with ‘Casino Logic‘. You are working on album four now. Your TV show was great but got cancelled. Have you gotten beaten down from not making it as far as you would have liked to by now?

Paulie: If you are asking “are we where we wanted to be, rich and famous” no we are not there yet. We have gotten a lot farther than a lot of other people and we are not nearly as far along as we need to be or want to be. And as far as being disillusioned, we don’t get disillusioned we just don’t. We do get bummed, we are human. But if you think of anyone that has ever done anything great, not even in music I mean in the whole world they always failed and failed and kept going until they got where they wanted to be.

David: If disillusionment takes you out of the game, than you’re in the wrong game. Especially in this industry. Every band that has gotten any kind of success has their failure stories, their bankruptcy stories, their we almost quit stories.

Paulie: I think you only get disillusioned when you stop enjoying it. I think that’s when you should think of doing some thing else. There are people doing this that should not be, because they are not happy. But they don’t know how to do anything else. This is their only means to make a living. Luckily for us we can do other things to make money. I know we can make a lot more money doing something else but this is what we love to do. The day we don’t enjoy this any more is the day we will say “ok let’s try something else” but we still enjoy it. So why would we be disillusioned?

RN: Let’s talk about Z-ROCK Season Three what’s going on?

Paulie: Season Three, we need to find a new network. It’s like changing record labels. People don’t realize how frustrating and annoying it can be. We just need to find a new home for it. We have script ideas and everything we just need to find the right home.

David: I believe there is a facebook page that some fans have started call bring Z-ROCK Back. From what I heard it just hit 500 likes in the first week. It’s little things like this that stirs up the pot and gets people interested again. So we are moving forward and if the interest is there from the fans and everyone else hopefully the networks will see that.

RN: Ok lets get serious shall we?

David:  ok

RN: Since the first season of Z-ROCK how many girls have you meet to your surprise have had a Z cut out in their pubes?

Paulie: HA HA, to be honest none.

RN: Dude you’re supposed to lie to me. Tell me something to make that question work.

Paulie:  I’ll tell you why, I generally go for girls that are shaved clean.

David: Well let this stand as an announcement. Lets hope your female readers start shaving some Z’s

Thank you to David and Paulie for taking the time to talk with me before they hit the stage in Philly.

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