ANCHORED played Irving Plaza Saturday June 4th as part of the Uranium Tour Featuring Black Label Society, Rev Theory and Hourcast. Considering the circumstances they were handed, I would say they did a kick ass job and made a lot of new fans along the way.

First let me say, for the first three bands lighting was terrible, the sound was muddy and the bands had no room on the stage to move. That didn’t stop Anchored from “Getting Dirty In New York“.

You never hear a band acknowledge they are the fluffer band on the bill. The funny thing that stuck out to me was singer Brandan Narrell not only acknowledged it but said “we know we are the fluffer band on this tour. It’s ok to hate us and throw shit if you want.”

The Black Label fans did quite the opposite. They embraced the band and you could easily see this by looking at their merch table where the band signed CD’s and Tee Shirts for their fans.

The reason I am stressing this point is because it’s not easy to open for an iconic band like Black Label Society. I have seen great bands open for Metallica, Slayer and Ozzy that have been bashed and torn to shreds because the fans only want to see the band they came for. And that would be the headliner.

Considering Anchored was the lightest band on the bill, they took a chance going on this tour and won some new fans in the process.

I caught up with ANCHORED Guitarist B.G. SIMPSON before show their set. Check It Out.

RN: How has the tour been going for you guys?

B.G. SIMPSON: I would say it’s been going pretty good. All the bands get along real good. We have had a lot of fun hanging out with all the guys.

RN: I read on your facebook page that someone showed up to one of the shows with a gun.

(B.G. SIMPSON – FACEBOOK ENTRY – Interesting night last night in St. Louis. We heard they arrested a guy that had two fully loaded clips and a loaded gun last night at the show… A huge thanks goes out to The Pageant security and police for getting this guy.. Who the hell brings 2 fully loaded clips and a loaded gun to a rock show?!?!)

B.G. SIMPSON: Wow see how thing get messed up. While at the show we heard some one was trying to get in to the venue with a gun. Then we heard it was a case of beer. To be honest I have no idea what was going on. None the less it was kind of scary when we first heard it. Bands show up to put on a rock show and some people want to spend money on a ticket, show up and do crazy things.

RN: What’s next for you guys after this tour?

B.G. SIMPSON: We just got confirmed for the Volbeat Tour starting in July.

RN: Any East Coast dates?

B.G. SIMPSON: Yes, we will be back in New York. Going up to Canada and going back out to California. It’s going to be about a 21 to 24 date tour.  It should be a good run.

RN: I just want to follow up on a few things I spoke with Brandan (Narrell) about a few weeks back.

B.G. SIMPSON: Go a head. Shoot.

RN: What’s going on with your live DVD? Do you have an update for me?

B.G. SIMPSON: We just got our ruff copy back the other day. We all watched it on the bus and we all want to add a few more things here and there but it should be ready to be released in the next month or two.

RN: Have you started working on new stuff yet? Brandon told me you have not, but will be shortly.

B.G. SIMPSON: We are going to go in with a producer friend of ours and another song writer soon and see what we come up with. And start recording a new album and hopefully have it out by next year.

Thank you to B.G. Simpson for taking the time to speak with me. And thank you to Anchored for putting on a great show.



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