Thank you for checking out ROCKNIGHTMARE.COM, We are an east coast / mid-west based web site. We do interviews/CD reviews and show reviews as well as photography. We pride our selves in our original content. We do not cut and past news or interviews from other sites. Our work is our own.

Some people have sent a few questions that we feel need to be answered.

Question: You guys like everything. Why are there no bad reviews on you site?

Answer: To be honest the internet can be a very negative place. There are a lot of sites that give bad reviews just for the sake of doing so. If we get something we don’t like we just won’t post about it. Why waste the time and energy to post negative comments about something.

Question: Why haven’t you reviewed our CD yet?

Answer: Did you send us a CD????  If you want us to review something, contact us and we will check it out. Keep in mind the comment above “if we think it sucks, we won’t post a review”

Question: Do you guy’s review shows and CD’s for unsigned local acts?

Answer: Yes we do local bands as well as National acts. Keep in mind this is a labor of love; we don’t get paid to do this. We do have day jobs. So our schedules might not match yours. Let us know your dates and we will see what we can do.

Question: Hey your pictures are awesome can we purchase them?

Answer: Absolutely you can. Contact us for prices.

For all inquiries please contact us.

Dante Martino / Covers – North Eastern PA, NJ,NY,DEL AND MD

Contact : rocknightmare1@yahoo.com

Phone 1-570-795-9573

Bill Mcgarvey  / Covers – Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio and in rare cases, Indianapolis IN and Louisville KY and Columbus OH

Contact:  rocknightmarecincy@gmail.com

Phone: 1-513-494-6012


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