Anchored – Allentown PA 8/12 Show Review

Anchored – Allentown PA 8/12 Show Review

Anchored got dirty in front of a sold out crowd in Allentown PA on Friday August 12, opening for Volbeat and Cold.

The last time I saw Anchored was in New York City, opening for bands a lot heavier than they are, as they tend to do, but I thought they pulled it off well. I don’t care what band you are in, it cannot be easy opening for Black Label Society. The B.L.S. fans are so die hard (I know because I am one of them) they don’t care what band you are in because they are there to see B.L.S.

   In Allentown, Anchored looked as if they were in their element. For an opening act the crowd was theirs; from the first chord to the last note. The band opened their set with “Saviour” followed by “Ms. Stress” and “All That”. Just like the last time I saw them, singer Brandan Narrell said to the crowd “We are your fluffer for this evening”, but unlike last time, I thought he was dead wrong. These guys are not a warm up act. The band did not have to sell this crowd. They already knew the songs and sang along. The people that attended the show were fans of Anchored as well as Volbeat and Cold. Another thing I thought was great about Anchored was they that changed the set list. It’s good to see a band switch it up once in a while.

   After their set was over they headed to their merch table and signed CD’s and took pictures with their fans before heading out. Hopefully in the near future, the next time we see Anchored come through it will be in a headlining or co headlining spot with a longer set time.

Setlist Was As Follows


Ms. Stress

All That

Last Night

Bad Timing

Save Me

Dirty In Texas



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