Seven Day Sonnet Interview With Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk and Anthony Lojeski

Seven Day Sonnet Interview With Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk and Anthony Lojeski

Seven Day Sonnet played Allentown Pa on 8/19 along with 3 Pill Morning, Nonpoint, and Pop Evil. The crowd response was great as was their set. Seven Day Sonnet not only played their brand new single “Farwell To Good Days” but also  debuted an unreleased song called “Closer”.  They ended their set with their first single “Hapless” that spent 17 weeks on the active rock charts. Make sure you check these guy out when they play your area.

Setlist was as follows

Sold Your Soul

Closer – unreleased new song

The Butcher


I Am The Son

Farwell To Good Days



Michael Scarlata – Lead guitar/Vocals

Rick Tauber – Rhythm guitar/Programming

Anthony Lojeski – Bass

Dan Kashuck – Drums/Vocals/Programming

Benjamin Franklin VanBuskirk – Vocals/Programming

Check out our interview with lead singer Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk, and Bass player Anthony Lojeski

RN: The last time I caught you guys was on the Saliva Tour just a few months back. How did that work out?

Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk: That tour was great. We got a lot of positive feedback and we made a lot of new fans.

Anthony Lojeski: It’s funny that you mentioned that tour because we are playing a lot of the same places we played on that tour. And the fans remember us and are digging what we do. That was our hello to the world and now we are seeing a return in fans so it’s pretty cool.

RN: Tell me about your new single “Far Well To Good Days”.

Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk: “Far Well To Good Days” is spinning on Octane right now and is getting airplay through out the country.  And you can also watch the video for “Far Well To Good Days” on Youtube.

Anthony Lojeski: You can down load the single at iTunes for $1.99 with the video.

RN: I have seen the video for “Far Well To Good Days”. The imagery is deep. It’s what’s going on today. It’s right now in our country. Do you consider your selves a politically driven band?

Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk: “Far Well To Good Days” is a song about people going through hard times that we all go through and we look back to better days but we push forward to the future.

Anthony Lojeski: That video was shot kind of like documentary style. Just driving around and everything that they seen they shot. Real life on video.

Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk: The video and the song might seem political but we are not a political band it just came out that way.


RN: Is there a new CD in the works?

Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk: Well, we are just kind of putting out singles for right now. And slowly we are putting together what is going to be our next record.

Anthony Lojeski: We are looking at an early 2012 full album release.

RN: What direction is the new stuff you are writing in? Is it more towards “The Farewell To Good Days” sound or more like your first CD “Reprisal”?

Anthony Lojeski: Right now the new stuff we are writing is a little darker. It’s a little heavier and there is also some electronic stuff going on in it. We are fans of a lot of different genres. And we want to take peaces from those genres that we grew up on and love.

RN: I wanted to ask you about your E.P. You have a few songs from “Reprisal” as well as a few new ones.

Anthony Lojeski: The E.P. is a culmination of what the band has done over the past few years. So it has a few “Reprisal” tracks on it that we still play live as well as a few others. When you come to a live show you get the songs that are on the CD and you can see how the band has developed over the years. The E.P. shows you where the band is going and how we want to bring a heavier element to radio. And make it interesting. Because our lyrics are metaphorical and really meaningful. We try and make music that people can relate to without being blatant about it.

RN: After the Nonpoint tour what are your plans?

Anthony Lojeski: We are looking to stay on tour throughout the rest of the year.

Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk: And we are writing the new record as we are on tour.

RN: Is there anything you want to say to your fans that might be reading this?

Benjamin Franklin Vanbuskirk:  Thank you so much for your support and coming out to the shows. And keep checking out social media sits for updates.

For more info check out Seven Day Sonnet  

Check Out The Video For  “Far Well To Good Days”




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