Lynam / Adler Singer Jacob Bunton Interview

Lynam / Adler Singer Jacob Bunton Interview

RN: What’s up?

Jacob Bunton: I’m in the studio right now. I have been doing the Adler thing it just needs to be mixed and mastered and then well see what happens.

RN: Since the Adler line up was announced, the rumor among some “Lynam” fans is that you are leaving the band. I see David posting every once in a while saying “Jacob is still in Lynam” yet some people don’t seem to get it. I just wanted to clear up any rumors there might be concerning “Lynam“.

Jacob Bunton: We are best friends. “Lynam” will always be a band even if we take breaks and do other things. Like we said a year and a half ago when we released the last record “Thank You Goodnight” “Lynam” is not breaking up. That was just going to be the last thing we record for a while because we all want to concentrate on other things. So we are not breaking up. We are still playing gigs but we just want to explore other things as well.

RN: What was it like working with Jeff Pilson?

Jacob Bunton: Amazing. I was a huge Dokken fan growing up. I bought all the records and all the tee-shirts. I am a huge fan of Jeff’s song writing. He had a big part in Dokken’s song writing. He is a fantastic bass player Producer and Engeiner and a fantastic human being all the way around. Like I tell everybody, when I was in the vocal booth looking at out Steven Adler, Slash and Jeff Pilson I needed to pinch my self. All these guys were hanging on my bedroom wall when I was a kid now I’m doing a record with them. It was very surreal.

RN: How much work did Slash do on the record?

Jacob Bunton:  He recorded the solo for a song called “Just Don’t Ask”.

RN: How did the song writing go?

Jacob Bunton: Lonnie and I pretty much wrote all the songs. He had some ideas and I would take his ideas and put my own spin on them and vice versa. I would come to the table with some ideas and he would do his thing. We co-wrote two of the songs with Jeff Pilson. That’s pretty much how the song writing went. Then of course Steven would come in and do his thing. Then we all would change some things around when it came to the arrangements. I would say it came out great.

RN: How about working with Steven. How did that go?

Jacob Bunton: Steven is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He is always in a good mood. He is always happy and he projects a positive energy. People genuinely gravitate to him and love him. I love being around him working with him has been great.

RN: Do you have a permanent Bass player yet or at least an idea for a touring bass player?

Jacob Bunton: We just got a permanent bass player his name is Johnny Martin. He used to be in a band called “The Chelsea Smiles”.  He was in a lot of bands through the years. He has toured around.

RN: Is the video for “The One That You Hated” finished?

Jacob Bunton: The video is done. That was pretty fun. A company from Nashville flew out to L.A. to shoot it. They work with a lot of country artist out there. They worked with Lady Antebellum and others. I can’t wait to see it.

RN: Do you have any idea what the video is going to look like?

Jacob Bunton: No I don’t. We gave them full digression to be artistic and do what ever they felt they needed to do with it. So I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they are done with it after they edit it.

RN: I know it’s still early but are there any touring plans in the works?

Jacob Bunton: No nothing yet. Our main focus is to get the single out there and get the album finished. We are still a little ways off from getting it mixed and mastered so as soon as that’s finished we will get it out there and hope to get on tour.

CHECK OUT “The One That You Hated” 






3 thoughts on “Lynam / Adler Singer Jacob Bunton Interview

  1. Jacob, I am di excited for you! The “old timers” from the Nick and Mares Electric days couldn’t be happier for you. It’s about time your talent is recognized and your hard work is rewarded. Can’t wait to see the video!

  2. Jacob is an awesome guy. I’ve seen a lot of the shows with Lynam. Can really sing and hold the crowd. I think that adler will be the same way with Jacob.

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