GIVETHEMROPE Interview, Dubut self-title CD Produced by Joey Z OUT NOW

From Coatesville PA, GIVETHEMROPE is a five piece powerhouse that just dropped their self titled CD June 16th. Produced by Joey Z. (Life Of Agony) and mixed by Drew Mazurek. After giving this CD a spin I really have to say I have not heard a band like them. GIVTHEMROPE have an off beat brand of brutality mixed with a doom metal feel. Definitely refreshing, these guys know how to mix it up.


Rich Books- Vocals
Rian Poltrone- guitar
Dave McCallion- guitar
Tom Prenatt- bass
Chris Hamilton- drums

Friday July 13th I had a chance to talk with the guys from GIVETHEMROPE before they shared their brand of brutality with the fine folks at Mother’s Bar and Grill in Easton PA.


RN: The last time I spoke with you guys was in August of 2010. At the time your band was called Deadbolt. Also at that time you had just reformed the band. When I interviewed you then you said you wanted to change the name of your band. Why did you guys choose to change the name?

Rian Poltrone: It’s a fresh start. We were a three piece now we are a five piece. We have newer songs now and besides that I hated the name Deadbolt. It was just over. It was time for something new.

RN:How did the name Givethemrope come from?

Rian Poltrone: Give Them Rope is the name of a Coalesce album. We love Coalesce and we thought it fit.

RN: Let’s talked about your self titled CD that was just released.

Tom Prenatt: It was released June 16th. It was produced by Joey Z at Method Of The Groove Studios in Brooklyn NY.

RN: How long did it take to record?

Chris Hamilton:  We recorded it over 3 weekends in March with Joey Z and mixed and mastered it in May with Drew Mazurek in The Basement in Baltimore MD.

RN: What was it like working with someone as well known as Joey Z?

Rich Books: It was really cool. Joey is such a nice guy. He really knows how to get the best out of you. The studio is comfortable, a real nice atmosphere.

RN: Did Joey contribute in any way to the recording process?

Rian Poltrone: The songs were finished before we got there.

Tom Prenatt: He had suggestions that were really cool.

Chris Hamilton: But as far as the basic structure of the songs no he didn’t.

Rich Books: We had a clear vision of what we wanted and Joey helped to pull that out of us.

Chris Hamilton: Drum wise, I think we did it kind of an old school way. We did the songs from start to finish with no click tracks. There was no going back and fixing every little thing. Seven out of the nine songs were  first takes. I think this is a real representation of what we do.

RN: I know you are still trying to get the word out about the CD but how has the response been so far?

Tom Prenatt: So far it’s been great. People seem to like it. People have been buying it at shows.

RN: Is there any plans on doing a video for any of the songs?

Chris Hamilton: I have a friend in L.A. that will be coming out in the next few months to check out some locations and see what we can come up with. I think we are going to do “Broke” and one we haven’t decided on yet.

RN: Thank you for your time I hope you have a killer show.

FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT:!/givethemrope



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