Icarus Witch / Jason Myers talks new CD RISE

Icarus Witch / Jason Myers talks new CD RISE


OK I have to be honest, I did not like Icarus Witch before I heard their new CD “ Rise” in fact that is the first thing I said to Jason when speaking with him on the phone during our interview. I have to say this is the best CD I heard all year so far.  No bull shit “FOR ME” I think it’s going to be a hard CD to beat.  



RN: I have to be honest I didn’t like Icarus Witch before I heard “Rise” this CD has made me a fan.

Jason Myers: Thank you. We knew when we made the changes in the band there was going to be two sides. The people that are new to the band, hearing it and or liking it for the first time and the fans that have been with us, may not like it. It was definitely a chance we had to take. It was a big gamble. At some point you have to shake things up or you get stuck in a rut. It was just time to make some moves in order to progress.

RN: How is Cleopatra Records treating you guys these days?

Jason Myers: Cleopatra is great. This is our fifth album with them and they have shown commitment and loyalty to us and this time around I think they have seen that we have stepped it up and we invested more and we have seen that reciprocated on their end as well. They have always given us 100% creative control. They have always believed in us and always let us do what we thought was best and that says a lot. That is something that is kind of rare in the industry. A label is essentially a financial backer and to have that much faith in you to take care of the creative aspects, I think they seen we were doing the right things and they got behind it.

RN: How was recording this CD different from your others?

Jason Myers: The process was completely different. And I think that shows on the end result. Not to take anything away from our previous producer, we were very happy with our production in the past but back then I think we were going for a more retro metal sound. We feel like we said what we needed to say with our past recordings and we did not want to put those restraints on our selves this time around. Having so much more fresh blood in the band, a new singer, a new drummer and we have a second guitar player Dave Watson and he is also our producer this time. The studio is bigger and had a more relaxed feel in the studio this time around as well. So that helps out a lot.

RN: I wanted to ask about a few songs. The first one would be “Nothing Is Forever”.

Jason Myers: For me personally that was an intense song that I was pushing to get on the album because I was going through a lot of personal upheaval and I thought of that as a therapy exercise.

RN: And the other would be “(We Are) A New Revolution” It reminds me of an old anthem yet it seems fresh. I think it sets the tone for the whole CD.

Jason Myers: That was Christopher’s first contribution to the band. I remember walking into the rehearsal room and hearing that for the first time and I thought that has to be an Icarus Witch song. It was so different than anything we have ever done. It had just enough of that classic element mixed with something modern and contemporary.

RN: Why did you guys decide to name the CD “RISE”?

Jason Myers:  The song it self is the one we had written the longest. That song dates back to the weekend Ronnie James Dio passed away. We were hanging our heads we were very bummed out and it was the first time we all sat around and wrote a song. I am sure Ronnie would not want us sitting around and being bummed out. It was a great way to change a negative into a positive. Regardless of what the song is about “Rise” is just a simple word that said so much. “Rise” seemed to encapsulate everything that wanted to accomplish with this new push. The band rising above what we have done in the past. That’s pretty much it, a one word mission statement.

RN: How has the response been so far?

Jason Myers: So far the response has been overwhelming positive from old fans and new fans. We really didn’t know what to expect. We took a risk of alienating some of our long time fans but on the same token we hope that they see what we are putting into it and see they renewed interest and enthusiasm from us. So far it has been really positive. We are starting to see some new faces out there and we hope that progresses.

RN: And now you guys are going out with White Wizard?

Jason Myers: I have known the band for a while and we always talked about going on tour together but it just never happen until now. Our agent came to us with the idea. It kind of came about because of the Paul Dianno tour that got canceled. We were working really hard on getting this album out in time for the tour and since Paul Dianno was not going to come here our agent asked us how would we feel about touring with White Wizard and that’s how that happen. This actually works out better because instead of hitting that retro old school market we are bringing in the newer crop of the metal bands, it’s us them and our friends Widow from North Carolina. We are all friends and we all have new product and we all have been wanting to this for a while. So it all kind of works out.

RN: Before we end this is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Jason Myers: Well to our old school fans please approach the music with an open mind. And realize that this is what the band is now. We are not what we were ten years ago. I know as a music fan that is hard to do. To see something that you liked or loved changed is disheartening. Give it a few spins and I think your see that everything has improved. And if you are hearing us for the first time, I hope you like it send us you feed back and let us know what you think.





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