Tim Jones from Feel Never Real checks in

Feel Never Real out of Texas has been performing in various venues with an assortment of bands big and small since their inception in 2004. All the while bringing their well rounded, powerful sound to the stage. Their first full length album “A Taste of Truth” released in early 2010 and gained different Chart placing on the CMJ Loud and FMQB Metal charts and radio play in many different traditional and non-traditional markets. Feel Never Real’s song “A Taste of Truth” has been the most requested song on both “Top 40” and “Active Rock” stations. Their sound is hard driving melodic rock that is littered with elements of many musical genres. VS. The Sea of Disease is the band’s second album, which includes the song “Come Too Far.” Hit songwriter Johnny Andrews and Producer/Engineer Guru Alex Gerst have both provided a creative helping hand in the new album, “Vs. The Sea of Disease.” It is poised to take the Rock Scene by storm. Feel Never Real is hell-bent on providing fans with emotionally rich music and a live show second to none. Feel Never Real is on track to be the hot group for hard rock music.

RN: It’s been awhile how you are doing.

Tim Jones: Hell Yeah, it has been awhile. I’m good.

RN: How has the CD been doing for you guys since you released it?

Tim Jones: Its been doing well. We made it available on Itunes at the beginning of this year. We had our first writing session last week and that’s going real well. We have about 4 songs.

RN: You have 4 songs finished already?

Tim Jones: No, we have the structure. The way we like to write, we like to get the song structure first. Then hum along to get an idea of how the song is going to go lyrically. Then fill in the holes. That’s the point where we are at right now.

RN: So it’s safe to say you are in writing mode?

Tim Jones: Well, we are still going to be playing shows to support “Vs. The Sea Of Disease“. But we have to get our hands around this next record. We are not in a hurry but to be honest we got a lot more accomplished than I thought we would in our first session. That’s normally a good sign. Let’s hope it continues that way. We don’t want to force anything. We just want to see where it takes us.

RN: You just released a video for “Come Too Far”, how has the response been for that?

Tim Jones: The response has been good. We have had radio stations come on board. And that helps us get out to the markets we go to. If that continues to happen we will try and build our next run around those places.

RN: When did you finish the video?

Tim Jones: We finished it a few months ago. And we just released it a few weeks back.

RN: Are you happy with the way it came out?

Tim Jones: Absolutely. We are really glad. It was a low budget video done by a fan of ours who runs one of the local Dallas radio stations. He did a great job on this video. The video really was about getting a feel for us and what we like to do and our domineer when we are playing. We don’t have the money for a gig budget video and I really don’t know how important all that is at this point.

RN: Do the new songs have the same feel as “Vs. The Sea Of Disease“?

Tim Jones: No, I would say there are some elements of our first record in there and there are some elements for our last one but I think we are introducing some new elements as well. We want to try and create some thing different for us and for our fans.

RN: You have to keep growing as an artist or you become boring.

Tim Jones: Your right, to some degree you do it for your fans but more than anything I want to do it for us. Just to push our selves to the limit. We recently finished our own recording studio, so now we can take our time and go through the demos. We jumped a lot of hurdles to get this done and now we can take our time and concentrate on what we need to work on. For me I think making music and creating is about stretching your legs and trying to do something you have not done in the past. I am not saying to change who you are or what made people like you but you can keep those key elements and find new ground as well.

RN: Having your own studio takes a lot of the pressure I’m sure?

Tim Jones: Yeah it does. We have not done writing like this since we first got together. This kind of writing was not done on our last record. Everyone is really excited. Now we can get everything lined up and get it right. It’s pretty cool.

RN: Are there any plans to play the east coast?

Tim Jones: We are looking into it. Before winter we hope. I know we are heading to the mid-west. We are going to be doing a festival in Utah. Those people are like family to us and we love doing it.

RN: Is there anything you want to let your fans know before we end this?

Tim Jones: Yeah, I just want to let people know we are writing knew material and we will keep touring to support our last record “Vs. The Sea Of Disease”. Check out our video for “Come Too Far” and thank you for all your support. We will see everyone on the road.




Check Out The Video For “COME TOO FAR


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