Interview w/ Drummer Mick Brown T&N / DOKKEN / TED NUGENT

T&N is a  combination of intense organic rock, both melodic and hard hitting,  thought provoking music with a purpose.  In a time where corporate  America, cultural imperialism, social inequality, and government  oppression dominate society, their message is simple, you don’t have to  be a slave to the empire.
T&N reunites George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and “Wild” Mick Brown – aka “The Big Three” from Dokken for a brand new 12  song album entitled Slave to the Empire.  Their Rat Pak Records debut,  produced by the band and recorded at Pilson’s Pilsongs Studio, offers  seven new original songs with Pilson on vocals, and five re-recorded  classic Dokken songs that feature sensational vocal performances by  Tim “Ripper” Owens, Doug Pinnick (Kings X), Sebastian Bach, and Robert  Mason (Warrant).

RN: How did the T&N project come about?

Mick Brown: Jeff Pilson, Brian Tichy and George Lynch were working on a Lynch Mob record and George had a falling out with the singer. So Jeff stepped up and said he wouldn’t mind finishing up if George wanted to move forward. They did about 7 songs and George wanted to finish everything with out losing progress and Brian Tichy suggested that they call me in and  re record a bunch of Dokken songs and ask Don if he would want to get involved with it, and if, not have a few guest singers come in. I ask Don if he would be interested because these are his songs too and he didn’t seem to have much interest in doing it. He gave us his blessing and onward we went.

RN: How did you guys come up with the name T&N?

Mick Brown: Originally we were going to call the band Tooth And Nail but there is a record company called that so we couldn’t use the name. I think we changed the name to T&N during That Metal Show. There is a funny story behind that, years ago Dokken was gearing up for a tour and we wanted to test the gear to make sure everything worked and we wanted to move our gear and crew from a building to a venue and back again. And our manager at the time wanted us to do it discreetly. Jeff (Pilson) came up with the idea to bill it as T&N a Dokken tribute band. And we thought it was a good idea. We could sneak in and people would be surprised. Then Jeff said ”what if we play and people say we sound nothing like Dokken and think we suck” I thought that would be pretty funny. Now 28 years later here we are T&N.

RN: Who are some of the guest singers appearing on the album?

Mick Brown: Doug Pinnick knocked it out of the park on the song Tooth And Nail and Sebastian Bach sang Alone Again. And Robert Mason from Warrant did a wonderful job.

RN: Are there and plans to do any touring?

Mick Brown: We had planned on having a touring band and we were supposed to start touring on November 1st. And we needed someone to front the band. John Corabi didn’t pan out. Robert Mason said he would love to do it. But his schedule with Warrant was conflicting with our schedule. And Michael Sweet from Stryper stepped up. With Michael there would be a nice full sound because he plays guitar and keys. And we were pretty much ready to start rehearsing for the tour and we were told by our tour manager, booking agent and promoters to slow down and wait.

RN: Do you know when the tour may start?

Mick Brown: Jeff stays busy with Foreigner, I’m busy with Ted Nugent in the summers so we need to find a window of opportunity to take this band out and do some live shows. I think it’s going to be pretty cool. Because with all the different singers, depending on what town we are in we can have them come up and sing. So who knows?

RN: Out of everything you have done what would you say is your best work?

Mick Brown: I am really proud of all the Dokken records but the last George lynch era Dokken CD was “Shadow Life” and I thought that was a great CD. It was an up scale Dokken record with a modern sound. “Erase The Slate” with Reb Beach was a wonderful album. I am very proud of that as well. I put my heart and soul in everything I do. I am on a live DVD of Ted Nugent’s 6000th show that I am very proud of.

RN: When will you be back on the road with any of the bands your in?

Mick Brown: I will be touring with Ted I think starting in March. And I think it’s going to be with REO Speedwagon and Styx. It went so well last year, they want to put the package out again.

RN: Before we wrap this up is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Mick Brown: I want to say thank you so much to anyone that got what we were about. If you had any feeling, good or bad from Dokken, if we made an impression on you and you got something from that and for all the years following us. And for all the fans that still follow us and are not afraid to admit it and keep up with the music you love, thank you so much. I can not express how much that means to us. It really means something when you can share your passion with people so thank you to everyone.


T&N –

 ALSO: Mick Brown will be doing a live interview on Rock Addict Radio with Renee and Billy. Monday 11/26 at 8:30p EST


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