Los Angeles, CA — Guitarist Bruce Bouillet will release his third instrumental album THE ORDER OF CONTROL via Mascot Label Group’s Music Theories imprint on January 21, 2014. Bouillet has enjoyed a successful career for the past couple of decades as both a sought after player, and a fixture within the Los Angeles studio scene. The Order Of Control is a new band featuring Bouillet, Dave Foreman (Bass) and Glen Sobel (Drums).

Bouillet made the move towards instrumental music when conspiring creatively with Foreman about eight years ago. He offers, “Dave is a L.A. underground legend. He has played on more big albums then I can list, some of which include Dj Quick, Aaliyah, Tupac, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, and Boyz to Men. His main instrument is guitar, but he plays all instruments amazing. His bass playing on the new album is incredible, and even though he is known for more hip hop and R&B, his rock playing really brings something new to the table.” Sobel is an L.A. based drummer who tours with Alice Cooper, but has also played with Beautiful Creatures, and Orianthi.

Bouillet has been through the exercise of crafting instrumental album releases three times now, and articulates with ease the benefits to approaching songwriting without vocals in mind. He offers, “Instrumental albums give me a chance to speak with the guitar 100%. Not that I’m some sort of control freak, but just like someone who paints a picture chooses the artistic outcome, I want my instrumental albums to be uniquely me, and since I am not a singer, it provides the right vehicle for me to express myself. That being said I do have a new vocal band in the works for 2014, so in a way I have the best of both worlds.”

The guitarist shares his inspiration comes from, “Life, family, friends, traveling, teaching, reading, hiking in the mountains, playing live, or from anyone at the top of their game be it music, sports, science, or art. ” The Order Of Control is a concept album. It’s theme deals with a force intermixed throughout humanity, that manipulates the masses. In choosing titles, everything relates to the theme. Bouillet advises, “Sometimes you have to read into it and research.” With the opening track ‘Blind As We Watched’ it makes reference to events that happen around us, right in front of our eyes but invisible to our sight. With ‘Seeing Through,’ these days information travels at an ever increasing pace. This title is in reference to disinformation or seeing through disinformation. What better way to spread confusion to the masses, then by adding one sentence of truth in a paragraph of lies, and letting the Social Networks do the work for you by spreading it around.” A third track titled “The Manipulators” references, “Those that possess the power to remote view, communicate with telepathy, orchestrate street theater, read minds, and place thoughts. They are well trained and organized. They stalk individuals in groups, and use such things as schizophrenia as a weapon to destroy people. It is the perfect crime manipulating one into self destruction.”


Early in life, Bouillet was drawn to Black Sabbath, UFO, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest, but overall Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and Alex Lifeson are his biggest influences from a young age. He was able to experience being in venue to see all of them perform, and in a golden age of the guitar welcomed the playing of others like Al Di Meola, Steve Morse, Dixie Dregs, Alan Holdsworth from the prog side as inspiration. At 19, he met a then 17 year-old Paul Gilbert, who became a tremendous influence. Thus began a road that brought the guitarist in and out of label deals, a plethora of ensembles, and in to a very successful career as an engineer, mixer or producer for others that continues to this day.

The brief overview of a career that has touched millions follows a path that began when he relocated to Los Angeles from Vincennes in 1985. He began the journey as a member of Racer X, collaborating with Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Juan Alderete, Scott Travis (Judas Priest), and Jeff Martin (Badlands). The band released Second Heat via Shrapnel Records in 1986. The quintet toured extensively, capturing these performances with the release of two live albums Extreme Vol.1 and Extreme Vol. 2. Following the act disbanding, Bouillet signed to Hollywood Records as a member of The Scream, with Alderete, alongside Walt Woodward and John Corabi, who later departed to join Motley Crue being replaced by vocalist Billy Fogarty. The Scream recorded two albums, the second of which was not issued, leading the guitarist to move on forming DC-10, a somewhat short-lived band which included Abe Laboriel Jr. (Paul McCartney) on drums, and had one self-produced album release titled Co-Burn. Soon thereafter, Bouillet entered the studio business with myopic focus, opening the first of four recording studios. He began mixing, engineering and producing full time. His talents were in demand, and within a few years he had worked on 40 plus albums for artists that include Motorhead, Buckcherry, Paul Gilbert and his former band Racer X. In this prolific period, he picked up the guitar again, writing and recording a personal studio side project under the moniker Big Sur, with Alderete, Lisa Papineau (Pet) and Tim C. (Rage Against The Machine). Bouillet then took a break from the studio life as a member of Epidemic which found some success with a release on Elektra Records, but after one album cycle, he re-opened his studio in Van Nuys, CA, producing, recording and mixing the 2005 Grammy Award winning Whiplash for Motorhead with is partner Bob Kulick. His participation in a production crew The Bottom Dwellerz followed, and in 2007 he reunited with friend Paul Gilbert for a tour of Japan, and he participated in the U.S./Canada G3 tour with Joe Satriani and John Pettrucci. He recorded his first instrumental album Unspoken, which was soon thereafter followed by a second release titled Interventions issued by King Records in Japan. A one year stint in 2011 with the band ASIA featuring John Payne put him back onto the touring circuit and introduced him to British progressive music.


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