BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING Release “THE CRAZIES (The Zombie Song)” Music Video

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer DieTrich Thrall (MARAZENE), have released the full production video for their debut single “The Crazies (The Zombie Song)” – the ultimate zombie apocalypse party/rally as told from the perspective of the zombies. The track originally premiered on and the song is available for download now at the bands Bandcamp page. The band had previously posted a LYRIC video version a few weeks ago.

Credits for “The Crazies (The Zombie Song)” are as follows:


DieTrich Thrall – vocals

Christopher Nathan Emery – drums (AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE)

Provo Provenzano – guitar (SKINLAB, RIKETS)

Cory Ford – guitar

Justin Hogan – bass


Director: Jonathan Shahan and Mike Walsh (Rev HiFi Productions)

Producer: DieTrich Thrall

Download the song at

“Visualizing the music for Beauty In The Suffering has been a primary goal of this project from day one. For as long as I can remember I have always heard music in my head. Usually while I am in songwriting mode and I start scatting scratch vocals I will get a good sense of a lyrical theme and from there a story emerges. Sometimes the story is vast and communal and sometimes it’s just a feeling or a mood and much more personal.


From every aspect of this project ; music, lyrics, album artwork, and video, I wanted to try and create a multimedia experience that would shine a light from different angles on different core aspects of concepts that were running around in my head despite all of the financial roadblocks most independent bands face.

For my bands first videos it just so happens the first couple of songs took a zombie apocalypse turn. But whether the setting is that of a dystopian future or focuses on interpersonal pain from the present or demons from the past my goal has and will always be to enhance the musical experience through a cinematic approach.

Having so many creative, talented, and enthusiastic people involved made the entire experience one I will never forget piecing together and being a part of so a very big bunch of kudos to those involved who helped take this project to the next level.” – DieTrich Thrall
Two years in the making, “The Crazies” (The Zombie Song) marks the first new material released by DieTrich since MARAZENE’s 2011’s critically hailed cover of MOTLEY CRUE’s “Live Wire.” and subsequent final single “Welcome to your Holiday.”

Tracking for BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING, who plan to release their initial releases backed with full production zombie videos, is being done at Pirated Sounds Studios and Bell Labs Recording in Oklahoma City with SKINLAB guitarist Provo Provenzano (RIKETS) handling engineering.

“BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING is one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on lately,” Provenzano commented. “DieTrich is insanely precise in the studio and has a great vision for where his songs need to be and the DIY ability and attitude to get it done right. DieTrich has also brought in some amazing studio musicians to help round out a unique and catchy collection of gritty and electronic based songs. I can’t wait to get them out there for the world to here!”

Using a unique DIY studio approach to songwriting which includes writing, programming, arranging, performing every instrument (except live drums, which are first programmed before bringing in a live drummer), and vocalizing, Dietrich’s fulfills the creative roles most bands use a full lineup to accomplish; which also draws immediate comparisons to such artists as Trent Reznor (NINE INCH NAILS) and Klayton (CELLDWELLER) who use a similar studio approach.

Members of TRAPT, American Head Charge, DOPE, Team Cybergeist, The Genitorturers, Rikets, Skinlab, Nocturne, The Razorblade Dolls, and Anti-Mortem are special guests in various studio and visual roles under the direction of DieTrich as he puts into place a multi-media experience introducing the band’s initial songs with original artwork, multiple full production zombie videos, and a self-titled short zombie film.
DieTrich is best known for his co-founding and co-visionary role in the industrial-metal band MARAZENE (later called MARAZENE MACHINE). From managing the band during its most active and successful national touring years (2006-2008), to co-producing the band’s critically hailed cover of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s “Live Wire” in 2011 as well as the band’s lone official full-length album (“MachiNation”, 2006), to writing fan-favorite tracks such as “Give,” to guiding the band’s philosophical and edgy lyrical approach (“AnTiThesis,” “Infidel Society”), and producing multiple videos for the band, DieTrich’s contributions and influence are heavily noted.
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