BROKEN HOPE to Support Immolation on “European Conspiracy” Tour



Chicago’s death metal titans BROKEN HOPE have announced their direct supporting role to IMMOLATION on the upcoming “EUROPEAN CONSPIRACY TOUR” which was created by MASSIVE MUSIC (POLAND). The tour will deliver concerts across 12 countries and with IMMOLATION and BROKEN HOPE on board, these two death metal legends promise to make for one of the most exciting and extreme metal packages this year!


BROKEN HOPE‘s Jeremy Wagner says, “On behalf of BROKEN HOPE, we’re all extremely excited to tour with IMMOLATION across Europe! Huge thanks to IMMOLATION and to MASSIVE MUSIC (POLAND) for having such extraordinary vision to create this tour. Through our history, we’ve toured with many “long running” death metal bands, but never had the opportunity to tour with IMMOLATION until now. Both Ross Dolan and Bob Vigna are old and dear friends of mine, so on a personal level, it’s going to be a very fun tour amongst friends…and for the fans: we’re giving everyone a deadly metal package–and they’re all going to get a double-dose of IMMOLATION and BROKEN HOPE‘s death metal pummeling. These intense and concerts are not to be missed!”



24.01.2014 GERMANY: Jena @ F-Haus

25.01.2014 SWITZERLAND: Zurich @ Dynamo

28.01.2014 GERMANY: Osnabruck @ Bastard

29.01.2014 GERMANY: Rostock @ Zuckerfabrik

30.01.2014 DENMARK: Copenhagen @ Pumpehuset

31.01.2014 GERMANY: Flensburg @ Roxy

01.02.2014 HOLLAND: Almelo @ Naxt Stage

02.02.2014 HOLLAND: Rotterdam @ Baroeg

03.02.2014 BELGIUM: Arlon @ l’Entrepôt

05.02.2014 SPAIN: Ourense @ Berlin Sala

06.02.2014 SPAIN: Madrid @ Sala Shoko

07.02.2014 PORTUGAL: Lisbon @ RCA Club

08.02.2014 SPAIN; Almeria @ Sala Jala Jala

09.02.2014 SPAIN: Barcelona @ Sala Bovedo

10.02.2014 FRANCE: Toulouse @ Dynamo

13.02.2014 ITALY: Rome @ Traffic

14.02.2014 ITALY: Brescia @ Circo Colony

15.02.2014 ITALY: Calenzano (Florence) @ Cycle Club

16.02.2014 SLOVENIA: Ljubljana @ Channel Zero

18.02.2014 AUSTRIA: Wien (Vienna) @ Escape

19.02.2014 POLAND: Krakow @ Fabryka

20.02.2014 POLAND: Warszawa (Warsaw) @ Progresja

21.02.2014 POLAND: Gdynia @ Ucho

22.02.2014 POLAND: Szczecin @ Słowianin 




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