FALCONER complete recording for new album ‘Black Moon Rising’


Swedish Folk Metal experts FALCONER have finished the recordings for their 8th album “Black Moon Rising“, scheduled for release on June, 6th of this year.

The band comments: “So now the mix and mastering is done for BLACK MOON RISING. After having a break from the studio and then returning my first impression was: “Was it that much double bass drums?” I’m sure this album will compete with NORTHWIND as being my favourite album though they are not alike. The last album entirely in Swedish was really rewarding to do but I must admit it’s always great to be back where you feel you belong! Well, enough with the self admiration for this time.”

Producer Andy LaRocque had the following to say: “This is how Falconer should sound!”

FALCONER’s previous album, “Armod” was released in 2011 and can be previewed and purchased at metalblade.com HERE. The popular video for “Vid Rosornas Grav” can be seen on youtube HERE.




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