MIASMAL premieres new track, “Until The Last”; reveals details for upcoming album, ‘Cursed Redeemer’


Gothenburg’s MIASMAL have launched the first track from their upcoming album, Cursed Redeemer, due out April 21st in Europe and May 13th in North America via Century Media Records. Check out “Until The Last” here:

MIASMAL’s first recordings spread the band’s name quickly through the channels of the underground, establishing them as a future hope for unrelenting, authentic death metal. With their strong connections to the crust/punk scene (due to sharing members with AGRIMONIA and MARTYRDOD), US tour, and Euro trek through 11 countries in 3 weeks, the buzz around the quartet only greatened. Upon the release of 2011’s self-titled debut album, MIASMAL had already set themselves apart from current crust/death metal hybrids, such as NAILS, ALL PIGS MUST DIE, and BLACK BREATH.

Recorded in no more than 7 days with Fredrik Nordström at the mighty Studio Fredman (AT THE GATES, OPETH, WOLFPACK, AGRIMONIA, MARTYRDOD), MIASMAL’s sophomore effort, Cursed Redeemer, continues the band’s aim of unleashing straight-forward death metal upon the masses.

Cursed Redeemer track-listing:
1. Cursed Redeemer
2. Call Of The Revenant
3. Whisky Train
4. Excelsior
5. A Veiled Remembrance
6. Until The Last
7. Frozen In Time
8. 2013

April 5 – Gothenburg, Sweden – Truckstop Alaska
(“Death Comes Ripping!” Show with MORBUS CHRON and VAMPIRE)

MIASMAL online:

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