Buckcherry celebrates Josh Todd’s 43erd Birthday at The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg PA 4/4 Show Review


Way back when Lit Up was first released someone said to me Buckcherry were the saviors of rock n roll. I don’t know how true that is or was at the time but what I do know is, Buckcherry has stayed true to their selves, their music and their fans.

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Truth be told I was never a big Buckcherry fan. I don’t know why I just never was. I have seen them live a few times as an opening act and always left thinking they were good but never really giving them their due. This time around I was sold. My only regret is not getting it sooner.

Buckcherry has everything a rock band should have. Great songs and rock star flash without the shitty rock star attitude.


Buckcherry came on around 10:45. By the time they hit the stage I would say The Sherman Theater was pretty full and the drinks were flowing. The band opened their set with a long version “Lit Up”. Not a bad song choice considering the mood of the room. Followed by “So Far” and “All Night Long”.


The band was flawless. Josh Todd sang the songs effortlessly while never standing still for longer than a few seconds. He really knows how to take charge of a stage and get the crowd pump up at the same time. There really are not that many front men that can pull this off anymore. If you go to shows you know what I am talking about. No need to name names. No one wants to see a lazy front man.


Before the night was through the band presented Josh Todd with a birthday cake and the crowd at the Sherman was lead into singing Happy Birthday. The band closed out the night with “Too Drunk”. Judging from the people I encountered it was a very appropriate song to close the show with.



After the show was over the band did their V.I.P. meet and great and after that they took the time to meet with fans that bought their CD. That’s when you see the real die hards. The fans that are there hours before the show and the ones that stay hours after. Most of the time it’s the same people. It was very nice to see the spirit of rock n roll is still alive.


Set list was as follows:

Lit Up
So Far
All Night Long
Lawless & Lulu
Next 2 You
Dreamin’ Of You
Crazy Bitch
Too Drunk

Check Out BUCKCHERRY Everything cam’d by RANDY GILL Sherman Theater 4/4/14

For more info and tour dates check out





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