Influential post-hardcore bands BoySetsFire and Funeral For A Friend have teamed up to release a split 7” vinyl record on May 13th via No Sleep Records in the U.S. Beginning today, fans can pre-order the record from No Sleep Records at
Bonded by a deep friendship that’s lasted throughout the years, BoySetsFire and Funeral For A Friend have shown the ultimate admiration for one another by covering each other’s music. The record features BoySetsFire’s take on Funeral For A Friend’s classic track “10:45 Amsterdam Conversations” from their EP Between Order and Model and Funeral For a Friend covering BoySetsFire’s quintessential song “Rookie” from their album After the Eulogy.
“There is a definite history between Funeral For A Friend and BoySetsFire that goes back over a decade,” says BSF guitarist/vocalist Josh Latshaw. “I am so excited that we are doing this record to serve as a lasting monument to that relationship. I hope you all like listening as much as we liked playing and recording it!”
“Way before I joined Funeral I interviewed BoySetsFire for a zine I started. I asked them about their process of recording their split with Coalesce and what it was like to cover their songs,” adds FFAF vocalist Matt Davies-Kreye. “Now to be in a position where we get to put out a split 7″ with them and have them cover one of our songs, I would have never seen that coming. I’m so excited for people to hear this record.”
Follow the bands on Facebook (BoySetsFire, Funeral For A Friend) for news regarding premieres for the forthcoming cover tracks.
BoySetsFire/Funeral For A Friend Split 7” Track List:
1. 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations – BoySetsFire
2. Rookie – Funeral For A Friend
For More Information:

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