Southern California-based rock band Viceroy Crux, featuring Terry Stirling Jr. (Rufio, Drive A) will release its debut EP, ROUND DICE, on May 13.


With roots that feed from classic hard rock and punk as well as modern alternative rock, Viceroy Crux bursts onto the heavy music scene with a blend of force and melody. “Rise Above” is a propulsive anthem that gets your blood boiling, and “Forever” while dialing back the RPMs, showcases the power of Stirling’s voice. “Lately I” is more than just a requisite ballad; it’s a gentle, acoustic slice of hope and home.

“I kinda wrote and recorded this project in secret,” explained Stirling. “I didn’t want it to get caught up in expectations, or feel rushed. So all the songs are very personal and chronicle the great challenges and deep loves that have filled the past couple of years.”

Stirling started learning music as a young boy, and became a drummer with chops noticed by the likes of Matt Sorum and Chris Chaney. By the time he was 21, had shared stages all over the world with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Motley Crue, Paramore, Rise Against, and Flogging Molly.

“Terry’s the real deal. His songs, spirit and attitude come from a proper rock’n’roll spirit, and you can’t fake that, it’s either in there or it isn’t.” Lemmy Kilmister

On stage, Viceroy Crux will include Tim Hockwald (Roadhouse) on bass and Ryan Bradley (Vaylor, Gary Renaldo) on guitar. “Even though I’m still pretty young, what I learned in previous bands and from the legends I’ve been lucky to work with is that you have to feel comfortable and share basic goals with the people in your band. Tim and Ryan are not only the best players for this music, but really great friends,” said Stirling.

Stirling wrote and performed the music with an assist from Dennis Hill (Face to Face) providing the guitar solo on “Enjoy the Ride.” Recording was done at A to Z Studios (Rich Zahniser, engineer), The Lodge (Kyle Homme, engineer), Hurley Studios (Davey Warsop, engineer), and Bedside Recordings (Jon Berry, engineer). Berry also mixed and mastered all songs.

ROUND DICE will be available May 13 for download and streaming on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and other online music providers.

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