Interview w/ Mach22 bassist Jaron Gulino



MACH22 have officially self-released their debut album Sweet Talk Intervention May 6th. The album was Produced by Jeff LaBar (CINDERELLA) and recorded at Dragon Sound Studios in Nashville, TN. Engineered by Ronnie Honeycutt (JACKYL). Additional engineering and tracking done at Tribe Sound Studios in West Chester, PA by Brian Davis and mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC by UE Nastasi.

Mach22 is:

Lamont Caldwell-Vocals
Sebastian LaBar-Guitar
Ted Merrill-Guitar
Jaron Gulino- Bass
Damian MonteCarlo-Drums

I spoke with bassist Jaron Gulino about the release of Sweet Talk Intervention and their up coming CD release party at The Legendary Dobbs. Check it out below.


Dante: Congratulations on the CD.

Jaron Gulino: Thanks, We are just happy to have it finished and have it out there.

Dante: It’s been a long time coming. How long did it take to get the CD finished?

Jaron Gulino: It took us about seven or eight days to record it. Some of the songs have been around for a while and about six or seven of them are newer. The song Radio we wrote in about five minutes maybe ten tops. And three or four others a few months before we started to record. It all happened kind of fast. I joined the band about a year ago and the problem was they had just recorded a bunch of the stuff and they had just lost two members and they said ”now we have a band and we have material that these guys are not even playing on”. So they decided to redo the whole thing.


Dante: Jeff LaBar produced your album. How was it working with him?

Jaron Gulino: Yeah he came in and he was there about four days and suggested different layouts for riffs and arrangements. We actually went down to Nashville to record an E.P. but we blasted through the songs so fast Jeff suggested to record some of the older songs. He was a blast to work with. He was a total riot. He was enthusiastic and always seemed to be in good spirits. If someone ripped a killer solo or if I played a good take he would jump out of his chair with excitement. A bunch of the guys have already met with him in the past. They played a show in Philly where he came up on stage and played with them and obviously Sebastian has known him his whole life. But this was my first time meeting him. He just came in, hung out and was a really cool dude. He was with us for four days and then he left for a tour. And we stayed and finished up with Ronnie Honeycutt who was the engineer and he was also the original vocalist for the band Jackyl. I would say the whole trip to Nashville was a good time. And we had a lot of fun.

Dante: For people who don’t know tell us a little bite about the video for Go Ahead and the new video for One Trick Pony.

Jaron Gulino: Go Ahead, we started recording that I think in the beginning of June of last year. We did all of the performance shots and the following day we did the whole storyline. And it just didn’t come out right. We had to wait about three or four months to finish it. Joe Green who is a big hip-hop video guy wanted to do a rock video but he was booked up so we had to wait until he was freed up in the fall to finish it. Yeah that was a blast as well. We also just released a lyric video for the song One Trick Pony. That’s not necessarily going to be the next single but we wanted to do something that had a different feel than Go Ahead. We wanted to show a different side of the band.

Dante: Your CD Release Party is this coming Friday (May 17th) what are your thoughts on the show and who else is playing that night?

Jaron Gulino: O yeah, I can’t wait. It’s going to be a great night. It will be at The Legendary Dobbs, on South Street in Philadelphia. We are playing with Clashing Plaid who is from Philadelphia and Tester who is from Boston. And another band from Philly called Bonzai and Blooming Act from Wilmington, DE. The Legendary Dobbs is a great place. It a small room so we know its going to be packed. We have not been there in a while but the last few times have been amazing.


Dante: What’s next after the CD release party?

Jaron Gulino: We are playing Sunday at Rocklahoma we close out the night on the Retrospect Stage. It should be a wild weekend just waiting for that moment to hit the stage at such a big event and I am excited to see all the other bands to be honest. Our friends Nasty Habit and Black Tora are going to be there so we are talking about getting a campsite set up with them. It really should be a great hang. We are really looking forward to that weekend.

Dante: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Jaron Gulino: I want to say thank you. The fans are psyched. They always want to come to the next show. And for that we can not be more grateful. It makes us feel good and yeah it makes me feel good being apart of it. Its just killer man.

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