Mushroomhead The Righteous & The Butterfly CD Review


Mushroomhead released their eighth studio album The Righteous & The Butterfly on May 13th via Megaforce Records. The Righteous & The Butterfly is a great effort that not only features Jeffery Nothing & Waylon on vocals but the return of J Mann as well.


At first I thought having three singers would be too much but then I heard the album and they make it work. Their cover of Adele’s Rumor Has It, had to grow on me but after a few spins, I get it. The song For Your Pleasure is the song I like the most. I think Mushroomhead fans will love The Righteous & The Butterfly but I hope it reaches more than just shroomheads and turns new fans on to the band. Their upcoming dates on this year’s Mayhem Festival combined with a new album might do it.

Check out our interview with Mushroomhead drummer Skinny here

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