Interview W/ Tim Jones of Feel Never Real


Feel Never Real released their new CD titled Rock Rebel Gold through Pavement Entertainment on April 16th. Every song on Rock Rebel Gold sounds different from the next but never losing that Feel Never Real sound. I know we are still in the first half of 2014 but I think Feel Never Real have set the bar for their genre.

Feel Never Real is:
Tim Jones – Vocals & Guitar
Mathew Cass – Bass & Vocals
Shea Lange – Drums & Vocals

Check out our interview with vocalist/guitarist Tim Jones below.



Dante: What’s up man? Congratulations on Rock Rebel Gold. It’s the best CD I heard this year so far.

Tim Jones: Thank you, that really means a lot. It was a lot work and I hope it pays off.

Dante: You signed with Pavement Entertainment, how are treating you guys?

Tim Jones: Yeah we signed to Pavement Entertainment. So far so good. Personally I’m the kind of person that is interested in results. So we will see man. I think its going to be good. They seem like they really believe in what we are doing. I think once we get some chart placement everything will fall in line from there.

Dante: The lineup is still the same right?

Tim Jones: The lineup has been the same from day one. We have been together for ten years. It’s like a marriage. Most of the time our big arguments are about money. Like I said we have been together for ten years, but we all get along and everyone is really good about reinvesting back into the band but I hope this is the year we get to pay ourselves opposed to making 30,000 dollars and putting back into the band.

Dante: I want to ask you about some of the songs. Your vocal style varies from song to song. I don’t like comparing people to other singers but when I heard the song New Rebel I couldn’t help but to think Ian Astbury. And you have I Can’t Live, that song is really heavy and not the norm for you guys.

Tim Jones: First of all I love The Cult. The song New Rebel was the second track written. We wanted to try some new things and make this album a little different from the last one. We wanted each song to sound different. The last time we spoke I told you we liked guys like Conway Twitty and David Allan Coe. We really like some of that old country stuff and we wanted to incorporate some of that into this record. The song I Can’t Live, that was a fluke. Sometimes you get sidetracked when your writing and you end up doing something different just because it’s different. Three quarters of the record was finished I came up with this as a joke and the guys were like lets do it. I knew it was going to be a sucker punch from left field from everything else on this record. But we said going into this record we wanted to do what ever we wanted to do so we did it.

Dante: I feel like you guys picked my brain while writing this record. I can relate to almost every song. The song Low Class is something I think everyday.

Tim Jones: What’s funny about that song, some people just didn’t get it. Some people just didn’t get this record it at all. They didn’t get Low Class. They didn’t get Trailer Park Princess and they dame sure didn’t understand why someone would write a song called D.I.I.X. just to yell out the word dicks on stage just because we thought it was funny. They just didn’t understand that shit man. Pavement got it. We have great songs on this record but we also wanted these songs to be fun for us to play. Everyone wants you to look at a record broken up into singles but I feel a record should be something you can listen to front to back and it should be good enough to make you want to listen to it over and over again. Not just one song.

Dante: Where did the inspiration for some of the songs come from?

Tim Jones: To be completely honest and I know this is going to sound kind of weird but, a lot of the inspiration for this record came from old disco country music, like Ronnie Milsap and stuff like that. These guys talk about taking gals virginities and cheating on their wives. It’s just interesting to hear someone write a bunch of songs like that. To make songs that are relatively vulgar sound like sweet love songs is pretty funny. We have been listening to a lot of that kind of stuff and trying not to listen to any kind of active rock music.

Dante: How has the response been since the release?

Tim Jones: It’s been real good man. We have a few radio markets we have been on since our first record and we sent those markets Trailer Park Princes because we wanted to see what they thought and we wanted to make sure we were making the right decision about making that our single. And they all came back to us telling us that’s its twice as good as Come Too Far. Which was hard for me to believe because I think Come Too Far is a great song. But the response has been great.

Dante: How would you compare Rock Rebel Gold to vs. The Sea of Disease?

Tim Jones: There is no commercial outside influence on this record at all. I think it shows. The only thing we did in the studio is the vocal and the drum tracks. We did most of it here. Sometimes when you go into post production things get fixed. And it can make things sound calculated. Because everything has to be dead on time, everything is right in the groove and right to the click. I told the guys that I didn’t want to do that on this one. If something is way out we will correct it but if it’s within one thirtieth of a second were just going to leave it go. I’m not going to worry about. Let’s move forward. And that’s exactly what we did. It gave it a more reel to reel feel oppose to going in and making everything perfect.

Dante: I wanted to ask you, sometime last year I heard you were going to release an acoustic album. What ever happen to that?

Tim Jones: We were working on it at the beginning of last year. And some of the folks that are near and dear in our lives kept telling us that we need to get a new record written. And they were right. So we stopped wasting time and started to write a new record. So we do have some acoustic files that we might release at some point.

Dante: Is there any thing you want to say to you your fans before we wrap this up?

Tim Jones: Thank you for all your support. Come on out and see us play. That’s the greatest complement you can give.

For More Info Check Out!/feelneverreal



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