SON OF AURELIUS Unleashes New ‘Aurelicast’ Episode Featuring “Under A Western Sun” Track-By-Track Details


As most SON OF AURELIUS fans already know, the band runs a weekly podcast, called the “Aurelicast”. This week’s episode is particularly special, as it also serves as the band’s official track-by-track explanation for their new album Under A Western Sun, out June 3rd. Hear the band detail the writing and recording process behind each track, as well as cover other topics like current music news, fan questions, etc. Take a listen here via SoundCloud.

Guitarist Cary Geare figured the “Aurelicast” was a more personal way to share the album information with fan.“The new podcast episode is all about the album, lots of concept and production stuff. We wanted to talk about the writing process, and throw a few teasers in there.”

Make sure to visit to pre-order Under A Western Sun now!

Under A Western Sun builds upon the basis of the band’s existing sound while boasting clear musical growth and a fairly substantial change in style. Last week, SON OF AURELIUS released a brand new track, entitled ‘Long Ago’ via The band has also released two other exclusive tracks, including ‘Clouded Panes’ via here, and an ‘A Great Liberation’ as an “anti-lyric video” via!

Under A Western Sun is an independent project – no crowd funding and no record label, with co-production from Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios. Under A Western Sun comes four years after the band’s breakout album, 2010’s The Farthest Reaches, an album touted as, “insane… every metal fan should listen”, and Metal Injection called, “one of the most gushed-about death metal records of the year”.

Under A Western Sun track listing:

1. Return to Arms

2. Chorus of the Earth

3. The Weary Wheel

4. Coloring the Soul

5. The Stoic Speaks

6. Attack on Prague

7. Flailing Saints

8. A Great Liberation

9. Clouded Panes

10. Blinding Light

11. The Prison Walls

12. Submerge & Surface

13. Long Ago

14. Under a Western Sun

15. Strange Aeons


Spencer Edwards (Drums)

Cary Geare (Guitars)

Riley McShane (Vocals)

Max Zigman (Bass)

For more information on SON OF AURELIUS, please visit these websites:



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