Interview w/ Jaron Gulino – On Top to release New E.P. Top To Bottom 6/3

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Philadelphia based On Top is set to release a killer four track EP entitled Top To Bottom June 3rd through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Top To Bottom is the follow up their 2011 debut Top Heavy. On Top is Jaron Gulino (Mach22) on lead vocals/bass guitar and Danny Piselli (Fisthammer) on drums and Brian Davis on lead guitar who also engineered/mixed the CD as well. My only problem with this CD is that it is a four track E.P. The songs are so good Top To Bottom leaves you wanting more. There really is no way to describe On Tops sound other than if Glam Metal and Thrash Metal had a baby it would be On Top.



1. No Shame
2. Cold And Blue
3. Don’t Go
4. Bad Love

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A few weeks back I did an interview with vocalist/bassist Jaron Gulino about the release of Mach22’s Sweat Talk Intervention (you can read that here). This chat below is more of a follow up to that interview but it pertains to On Top.

Dante: What’s going on with On Top? It’s been awhile.

Jaron Gulino: Yeah it has been. We will be releasing a four track E.P through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. It’s called Top To Bottom. The name is pretty much a spin off our last album Top Heavy. It’s been a few years since our last one. I took some time off from this because we lost our guitar player and then I did Juliet’s Vice for a while and then I joined Mach22.

Dante: Considering Mach22 just released their CD Sweat Talk Intervention and before that you were in Juliet’s Vice and you also did some fill in tour dates with Charm City Devils when did you find the time to record this?

Jaron Gulino: We started working on this right before I joined Mach22. We had the drums, bass and rhythm guitar tracks finished. And then Mach22 came along and took up the rest of my year. So we resumed work on this in January/February. I had some off time and banged it out. It really turned out to be killer I am really proud of it. It’s four tracks. I feel they are very strong tracks. We didn’t want to put a bunch of songs with filler thrown in there. I guess you and everyone else will be the judge when you hear it. Brian Davis played on all the tracks and he was so psyched about it he wanted to be part of the band. We also have Danny Piselli of Fisthammer back on drums.

Dante: Is Top To Bottom in the same vain as Top Heavy?

Jaron Gulino: Yes, but it’s a little different. What I wanted to do on this one was take every review I got from the last one and fix what people said was missing or lacking. I didn’t want to go more rock or more metal on this one but I can say 100% that this one is more, both rock and metal. There is more guitar, more atmosphere and better vocals. The whole band sings now. I did a lot of harmonies on this and a lot of cool gang vocals. Sitting on this for a full year gave me a lot of time to live with the ruff rhythms and come up with better vocal melodies and ways to make it better. It’s like the first one but with a lot more going on.

Dante: Do you have any up coming shows you want to plug?

Jaron Gulino: We are not going to go crazy because we all have other things going on and Mach22 is my main focus. With that being said, we are booking shows to support the E.P. and we are looking to go back into the studio this summer and record another E.P.

Dante: Is there anything you want to say to your fans before we call it a day?

Jaron Gulino: Thank you for being patient. I have been really quiet with On Top for over a year. I hope the new On Top E.P. will not disappoint. We are really looking to turn it up a little bite on the next couple releases. I have learned a lot over the last few years with these other bands and I am looking to apply it. We are doing this for fun. We are not doing it for the money, not that there is any money to be made. It’s very hard work and very taxing and I am doing it because I love to do it. And if you like it awesome and if not thanks for giving it a try and checking it out.

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