WHITE NOISE OWL ‘Until We Meet Again’ Out Now


The debut EP Until We Meet Again from LA rock outfit WHITE NOISE OWL is out now. Featuring vocalist Pete Murray, bassist John Fahnestock, drummer Will Hunt and guitarist Chris Shy; WHITE NOISE OWL independently released Until We Meet Again on March 11, 2014. Produced and mixed by Ben Grosse (Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Filter); you can check out the leading single “End Over End” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIrKKXZw0ro.

Or, stream the full extended play via the WNO Soundcloud now at: https://soundcloud.com/white-noise-owl/sets/until-we-meet-again.

Perfectly described as a collection of unbridled energy from four guys who met for the first time while they recorded together; the unique arrival of WHITE NOISE OWL only marks the beginning of a new era in modern hard rock. Within weeks of the release date, Until We Meet Again has captivated listeners by the thousands, tracks like “Feed” “Bomber” and “Are You Breathing” are already being heralded as “some of the best hard rock anthems you’ll hear in all of 2014 (Rock and Roll Fables).”

Noteworthy track record aside; newcomer Chris Shy elaborates on the real standout factor behind WHITE NOISE OWL…“Most bands get to hone and perfect their songs and parts over a period of time before having to make a commitment on the final versions, but we approached it with a different concept. We all knew each others musical resumes included iconic acts like Lo Pro and Evanescence, but what makes us stand out is simply that we aren’t those bands. When we joined forces as White Noise Owl, egos were nonexistent and in the best interest of the songs we allowed everyone to author their specific skill and to always feel welcomed in the creative process; the result is a fresh and extraordinary combination of talent. If you’ve ever jammed a Ben Grosse mix, you know what kind of sonic treat you are getting with “White Noise Owl, so get ready!”

70068da7-5500-47cb-8c8f-94605c3a2814Until We Meet Again is the debut from WHITE NOISE OWL. Produced by Ben Grosse at The Mix Room and EastWest Studios, the EP was officially released March 11, 2014 and is available on all physical and digital platforms includingiTunes.
Until We Meet Again tracklist

01. How Was The Week?
02. Feed
03. Bomber
04. End Over End
05. Are You Breathing?


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