The week-end of June 6 and 7 marked the rebirth of an American town.  As the S’loonshine Distillery opened its doors, Trimble, Tennessee in the blink of an eye became a destination with a bright future fueled by the vision of local resident and Full Throttle Saloon proprietor Michael Ballard.
Once A Booming Cotton Town, Trimble now faces an optimistic future on the heels of entrepreneur and hometown resident Michael Ballard’s commitment to the local economy.  With his partner Jesse James Dupree  and his American Outlaw Spirits, which owns and operates Jesse James America’s Outlaw Bourbon, the grand opening of the opening of both Full Throttle S’loonshine and American Outlaw Spirits distilleries offers a celebration of hope alongside a rebirth of commerce and job creation.  The residents of Trimble, and the greater population of the state of Tennessee now celebrate opportunity.  Located  just west of Jackson, in the northwest corner of the state, Trimble was incorporated in 1905, and has a population between 600 and 700 residents.  Mayor James A. Davis, a lifetime resident recently offered, “It is great to have Michael back in Trimble.  He has become a major success, and on behalf of the entire community we welcome him, Jesse and the Full Throttle S’loonshine Distillery.  His return to his hometown and the commitment he exhibits in creating jobs for the residents of the county goes a long way towards supporting the urban development of Northwest Tennessee.”
The distillery is now fully opened, with visitors travelling in to Trimble for tours of the facilities.  Both Ballard and Dupree hope that this will become a destination further nurturing the rebirth of the town in building commerce for area hotels, restaurants and businesses in proximity to the base of their operations. Both successful prior to forming a partnership, the duo launched the television show Michael Ballard’s Full Throttle Saloon. They individually launched spirit companies, and on Ballard’s vision have committed significant resources to planting roots in the town of Trimble.  When announcing the opening, Ballard shared, “Growing up in the community, I witnessed a thriving local economy face hard times. It forced me to leave Trimble, and build success elsewhere.  The Full Throttle Saloon has afforded me the resources to return with the intent of supporting a community that did so much for me as a young man.  Now a father, I could not be happier to witness my daughter going to the same school I did.  I look forward to being a part of job creation, and providing opportunities for the population of Northwest Tennessee.” Dupree adds, “The rebirth of this American city will provide a destination for thousands of people each year to come and visit.
Last year, Michael Ballard and Jesse James Dupree challenged the Tennessee Whiskey labeling law.  They continue to challenge legislation seeking a repeal of current definition of “Tennessee Whiskey” to those spirits aged in unused oak barrels, per the claim it has created an uneven playing field per the existing shortage that gravely impacts all smaller distilleries who do not own internal cooper plants.  The lobbying did not fall on deaf ears, and the consideration for repeal was moved to summer study panels.  Ballard and Dupree have vowed to not capitulate in their quest versus the goliath that is Louisville, KY based Brown-Forman Corp., who first proposed the establishment of this Tennessee Whiskey law.  Ballard and Dupree jointly state, “If a car is manufactured in Michigan then it is a Michigan car just like any whiskey made in the state of Tennessee is a Tennessee whiskey. “
Jesse James Dupree will be active with bottle signings through out the summer.  Upcoming appearances include July 3 at Sherlocks in Kennesaw, GA (6-8PM) and July 4 at Total Wine & More’s grand opening in Dayton Beach, FL(with Michael Ballard).  On July 5, Jackyl will perform at Wild Bills in the Atlanta area at the branded event Full Throttle Fifth, with both Dupree and Ballard on-site, which follows an afternoon appearance at Killer Creek Harley Davidson.  Later that month on the 19th, Dupree and Ballard will be joined by Angie and others from the Full Throttle family for the Sturgis, Kentucky rally which will be followed by a Jackyl show on the 26th at the Halfway Jam in Royalton, MN where a signing and M&G will be staged at Westside Liquors.
In August, Michael Ballard’s Full Throttle Saloon opens its doors for the annual Sturgis, SD rally from the 4th through the 10th.  Performances planned for this year feature entertainers that include Ted Nugent, Jackyl, Brett Michaels, Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band, Molly Hatchet, Nigel Dupree, and Wayland. Following successful events in Myrtle Beach and Chicago, additional Throttle Fests planned for 2014 will be announced in the coming weeks.

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