Interview w/ Pistol Day Parade Guitarist Rob Banks on tour w/ Ted Nugent Starting 7/08


Pistol Day Parade will tour as direct support to Ted Nugent. The run begins in at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix on July 8, and will wrap on August 14 at the House of Blues in Houston.

Pistol Day Parade is signed to Goomba Records, who released the band’s full-length debut BURN in 2013. The album was produced by Tim Patalan (Sponge, Lovedrug) at The Loft Studios in Saline, Michigan. Rock format leader WRIF – Detroit took the lead single “Better” to #1 at the station, with the follow-up single “Not Today” peaking at number 2 on the station’s playlist.

I had a chance to talk with Guitarist Rob Banks about the up coming tour with Ted Nugent check it out below.

Dante: Your album Burn came out in September of 2013. How has the response been?

Rob Banks: It’s been pretty good. We have had a great response in Detroit because we are from there and the markets that we hit, the response has been great as well. Now we are hoping with this next tour, the radio campaign and the press and our team we take it to the next level. We put a lot into this record and we are hoping that America loves it.


Dante: You are touring with Ted Nugent. How did you guys get that gig?

Rob Banks: We were getting ready for our new radio release and were looking for a tour that would be a good fit for us. Our manager has been looking for the past few months for us and this tour came on to his radar and he submitted us to Uncle Ted and he picked us for from a pretty big list of bands from what I understand. I am pretty excited about this. To be able to open one show would be great but to be direct support for the whole tour is almost a dream. I think his crowd will like our music.

Dante: What is the Detroit music scene like? All you see and/or read in the news is how bad the city is.

Rob Banks: You have crime and poverty in every major city and Detroit is no different but when it comes to music it’s a different scene all together. The Detroit rock scene is raw, it’s gritty and it’s real. That’s what I love about it. I think it’s awesome. It’s still a relevant rock industry to be reckoned with.

Dante: Can you name a few bands that you have come up with that stand out?

Rob Banks: That’s hard to do. There are so many great bands. We played with Pop Evil before they blew up and before we ever had a shot. There is 50 Amp Fuse, a band called Bridge and Rusty Lunchbox. Ray Street Park is another great band. There are kick ass incredible bands in Detroit that throw down and the stuff they are playing is real.

Dante: What got you into playing music?

Rob Banks: I have been playing since I was seven years old. My uncle and my dad were jamming to Free Bird on their acoustics and I said I wanted to try it, my uncle showed me a note and I played it. And that was it. An hour later my uncle came out and hand me a Washburn guitar. They turned me on to all the greats. One of them is Ted Nugent who was one of my guitar idols growing up. I grew up on everything they liked. Kiss, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin, Areosmith, all that kind of stuff. I went to the Ted Nugent Camp For Kids and everything. I was the only kid there with a zebra striped guitar. He signed it for me.

Dante: How old were you when you went to The Ted Nugent Camp For Kids?

Rob Banks: I couldn’t have been more than eleven or twelve years old. They teach you how to shoot a bow and you have wild game dinners. And they teach you about the outdoors. Ted was there. He brings out his guitar and he performs. I have been to every Whiplash Bash and every Hunters Bash. This being our first major tour, it’s the best for me.

Dante: Have you ever recorded any of your acoustic shows for maybe a future release?

Rob Banks: We have had a few unplugged acoustic shows recorded and we have even tracked a few songs but nothing has been released yet. We enjoy doing acoustic stuff. It allows people to hear where the song came from. But those recordings are not being released at the moment.

Dante: What can people expect from Pistol Day Parade’s live show while opening for Ted Nugent on this tour?

Rob Banks: We play for 35 minutes I think our live show is our strong point. People are going to have their faces rocked off and they are going to be singing our songs. That’s what happens everywhere we play. And that’s also when we feel our best, is when we are out there in front of the fans and try to earn the hearts new fans.

Dante: Are you guys going to be hanging out at the merch table after your set?

Rob Banks: Yeah, we always head right to the merch table and try to meet with everyone as possible.

Dante: Is there anything you want to say to your fans before we wrap this up?

Rob Banks: We love you and thank you for supporting us from the ground up and still being here. We would not be where we are if it was not for our fans.

Confirmed appearances include (* Marks Appearance with Ted Nugent):

7/08 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre *
7/09 Ramona, CA Ramona Mainstage *
7/10 Prescott Valley, AZ Tim’s Toyota Center *
7/11 Agoura Hills, CA The Canyon Club *
7/13 Anaheim, CA City National Grove of Anaheim *
7/14 Anaheim, CA City National Grove of Anaheim *
7/18 Merrillville, IN Star Plaza Theatre *
7/21 Huntington, NY The Paramount *
7/22 Montclair, NJ Wellmont Theater *
7/23 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn’s Peak *
7/24 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall *
7/27 Medina, MN Medina Entertainment Center *
7/29 Kansas City, MO Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland *
7/30 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
7/31 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot
8/06 Sturgis, SD Crossroads Stage
8/07 Sturgis, SD Wolfman Jack Stage
8/08 Sturgis, SD Crossroads Stage
8/11 N. Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
8/12 Orlando, FL House of Blues
8/14 Houston, TX House of Blues

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