Interview w/ Singer Ryan Hayes of Righteous Vendetta / Show Review 7/5 Stroudsburg PA


Righteous Vendetta was direct support for Trapt last weekend Saturday 7/5 at The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg PA. I did not know what to expect walking in and I had no expectations one way or another. What I seen was a soon to be headlining act with half usage of the stage and practically no stage lights take some other bands crowd and make it their own.

Also what was even more impressive while leaving the venue the guys were out side giving what seemed like an impromptu acoustic performance on the sidewalk. That was really nice to see. I think Righteous Vendetta is a band on the rise and a must see band live. I think if Righteous Vendetta gave more inside the venue of what I seen outside, they would capture even more hearts


I had a chance to speak with singer Ryan Hayes before the show check it out below.

Dante: How has the response been to the band since changing your musical direction with the release of The Fire Inside back in October of last year?

Ryan Hayes: It’s been great. We are not the kind of band that likes lose our roots but we wanted to move into a direction that we enjoy. This is the best response we have had to a record yet.


Dante: Any plans for another video?

Ryan Hayes: We have a video for This Pain that everyone can see on Youtube and a video for What You’ve Done. And we are shooting a new video next month for the song Defiance and we have a few new songs we are going to be releasing and we are going to be shooting a video for one of those.

Dante: Are you releasing a new album?

Ryan Hayes: What’s going on is, right now we are in the middle of getting our record deal solidified and they are taking The Fire Inside and releasing it with new songs and are remixing and mastering the songs from The Fire Inside E.P. We did six acoustic tracks and two new songs that will be added.

Dante: What are the names of the two new songs?

Ryan Hayes: The Take Over and Hard To Breath. I would say they are the heaviest songs we have done since the new transtion. So I think people are going to like them.

Dante: Release date?

Ryan Hayes: I don’t know yet but I would like to say the fall.

Dante: What are your plans for after this tour?

Ryan Hayes: We do have more tour plans but I can not say with who or where yet. But what I can say is, after this tour we take three weeks off to shoot a few music videos and we go right back out again in August.


Dante: Has there been any push back from older fans since you changed musical direction?

Ryan Hayes: Absolutely. We used to be strictly in the Christian market. About a year ago we crossed over and started doing secular stuff. On a daily basis we get messages from Christian fans that tell us we sold out and we are giving our souls to the devil. All this ridiculous stuff. That’s been kind of tuff. I just don’t get it. Some people are just closed minded. There is just so much in the world that god wants us to experience and be apart of. But for some people, that is just closed off for them, it’s just this way or no way and that’s just sad. Than on the other side of that there are people that are very supportive. In our live show you can see the passion that we have for our music and what we believe in. In the end, everyone has a message that they want to get across with their music. But when you do it with passion and integrity that’s when people see you as the real deal.


Dante: Is there anything you want to say to your fans that have stuck with you from the beginning and to the new fans that might have just gotten into you guys since your last release?

Ryan Hayes: We have a lot of people that have stuck with us from the beginning and that are still with us. Being in a band is not like it used to be. It’s very expensive and it’s very difficult to be on the road. We owe everything to those fans. That’s our core. They keep us on the road and they keep us alive. Thank you for everything that you have done for us. But we also want to thank the new fans that have latched on to the new record and the new sound and support it.


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