The New Jacobin Club Announce Tour & New CD

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   Outcasts among wise men and fools alike, the New Jacobin Club is a fiendish group of musicians, poets, painters and performance artists who have been entertaining and provoking since the mid 1990’s. Combining seedy bohemian stage theatrics with bombastic art rock anthems has given the long lived ensemble a shocking and original edge that has attracted as much heated controversy as it has fiercely loyal fans.
   Beginning as a power trio based in the Western Canadian city of Saskatoon, the New Jacobin Club signed to U.S. indie label Transparent Records in 1998 and released “A Lesson in Mortality. By 2009, the NJC had become infamous for their provocative live show featuring unsettling freakshow stunts and what would become signature pyro tricks such as “exploding” cymbals and lighting microphone stands on fire. They released the epic gothic rock-opera “This Treason” the following year accompanied with “Inside the Cannibal Circus,” a dvd complete with concept video, live concert and candid documentary style footage. The double disc set was met with even more college radio success and sparked strong opinions from critics in Canada and worldwide.
Soldiers of the Mark will be available on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 as a self-release. They also have a summer tour with various dates in Canada.


Soldiers of the Mark

Album track list:
1. The Mark (4:02)
2. Parade of Innocents (4:41)
3. Champagne Ivy(4:00)
4. Angel MMXIV (2:48)
5. A Grey Day to Die (3:53)
6. Into the Fire (5:26)
7. Garthim (3:58)
8. My Smile (2:47)
9. Seal of Metatron (3:50)
10. Return to Eden (2:46)
Album Length: 38:15

Tour dates

Sept 5 – Calgary @ Dickens
Sept 6 – Edmonton @TBA

Sept 12 – Saskatoon @ Amigos
Sept 27 – Saskatoon @ Broadway Theatre
Oct 24 – Winnipeg @TBA

Oct 25 – Regina @ German Club Concordia

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