The Viper Room Celebrates 21 years with Steel Panther / FULL SHOW VIDEO


It was a secret show; announced on the Social Network and promoted as the band name Jam Prancer, but those in the know were quick to share that the band was none other than the historically and politically incorrect kings of sexual perversion – Steel Panther. Known for their well rehearsed debauchery and having less than just six months ago given up their residency at the House Of Blues Hollywood, the news from the band was that the North American bus tour would keep them from returning to Hollywood for the foreseeable future. On Wednesday, August 13th, it was clear that the band would not miss the opportunity to return and celebrate with the long standing establishment that continues to dominate the Sunset Strip’s performance scene, the Viper Room and it’s 21st Anniversary Week of shows.

As Jam Prancer, the band regaled back to those heralded days when they were better known as Danger Kitty – as seen in that famous Discover Card commercial featuring the song Love Rockit – and they matched some of the hard rock genre’s more popular songs note for note. Opening the set with a fine tribute to Jani Lane, who passed away three years ago this same week, the band offered a flawless version of Warrant’s song Down Boys. With little room anywhere in the club, from the back wall to the front of the stage, fans responded with sing-alongs and raised fists, shouts and cheers. It was evident, Steel Panther was back in town and the crowd was showing just how much they’ve been missed!

In typical Steel Panther fashion, the band intercut the eight-song set with a moderate amount of talking and story telling, jokes and crowd interaction. Front man Michael Starr shared, “It’s great to be back at the Viper Room after more than ten years. It still smells like B.O and wet pussy, just the way we remember it!” This was just a taste of the laughs they offered the audience. As the set list progressed, attendees enjoyed Steel Panther as a cover band, even covering one of their own songs. The list was a follows.

01. Down Boys (Warrant)
02. Round & Round (Ratt)
03. We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
04. Runnin’ With The Devil (Van Halen)
05. Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)
06. Girl From Oklahoma (Steel Panther)
07. Paradise City (Guns ‘N Roses)
08. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard) 

Throughout the night, the band insisted that they were not performing as Steel Panther due to their management’s financial take of their earnings should they mention the name of the band. While the running joke popped up many times during the performance, fans were actually able to take home a new piece of memorabilia – and actual Jam Prancer t-shirt that featured their double unicorn logo under a sparkly rainbow.

While their visit to the streets that they developed their fame on was brief, the band will return to California as Steel Panther in November when they appear on stage opening for Judas Priest on tour.

As posted on the band’s website, with a single performance at the Chive Fest in Denver on August 16th, the band will proceed with the Judas Priest Tour starting on October 1st and continuing well in to 2015.

Visit or find the band on Facebook to keep up with their escapades and to see when they will perform in a town near you.

As always, Big Thanks goes to Joe Dolan for sending this along.

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