THRONE OF VENGEANCE Post Live Video From Calgary Metal Fest + Performing Alberta Festival Dates (Aug 29, 30, 31)

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Earlier this summer, Throne of Vengeance had the honour of performing at this year’s Calgary Metal fest kickoff party where they recorded live video playing their track ‘Hands Tied’ to share with fans.

‘We wanted to do a live show music video to give people a taste of TOV on stage and thought what better time to do it than during Calgary Metalfest?! The crazies come out in force and mosh pits rage for the better part of a week! If you ever had doubts about the local metal scene, this was a Wednesday. I also like to mention, we chose ‘Hands Tied’ as it’s a song close to our hearts that is loosely based on a close friends imprisonment for a victimless crime. It talks of the corrupt ways our judicial system torments and beats souls senseless.” comments drummer Trevor Cobb.

This week, Throne of Vengeance will be performing Alberta Festival dates at The Lethbridge Dethfest on August 29th, Beaverfest on August 30th and Alberta’s Own on August 31st. During their fest dates, TOV will be sharing the stage with fellow Canuck metal bands Golers, Death Toll Rising, Kryosphere, Comeback Kid, Protest The Hero, Nightseeker, Striker, The Wild! and Titans Eve. 

Music video ‘Live Evil’

About: Bridging the gap between metal and rock with help from dual guitar harmonies, pounding drum lines and wide-ranging vocal harmonies, Calgary’s Throne of Vengeance released their EP ‘Live Evil’ on October 19, 2013 that echoes the band’s signature thrash-tinged rock.

‘Live Evil’ is “a collection of songs based on our experiences in the last two years, covering everything from a close friend’s imprisonment for a victim-less crime to the realization of humanity’s demise to the contrast between good and evil and life and death,” says drummer Trevor Cobb.

“If there’s anything we would like people to take away from the record, it’s that you should be your own person, do what makes you happy, be aware of your world and be real. We have the power to control our own destiny. Together, we are more powerful than any world leader.”

Having shared the stage with numerous legends over the years, including Kill Devil Hill, 3 Inches Of Blood and Steven Pearcy of RATT, Throne of Vengeance is ready to take things to a whole new level with Live Evil. Are you ready for a major ‘bangover’?

Soundcloud – Live Evil –

Soundcloud – Black Eye – 


Track Listing: Throne of Vengeance – Live Evil
1.    Black Eye (4:10)
2.    All In The Way (4:22)
3.    Hands Tied (3:32)
4.    Live Evil (4:58)
5.    Terminal Velocity (4:26)
6.    Impact (From The Top Of The World) (5:55)
7.    Congregate (As One) (4:10)
Total Time: 31:33

For more info, please visit the following links:


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