SPIRALARMS Debut Video For “Exit 63”


Bay Area Rockers SpiralArms recently completed work on the third video from their 2013 album Freedom. “Exit 63” 

Guitarist Tim Narducci on the new video and the bands future plans:”Here is our third video from the Freedom album, “Exit 63”. It takes a step back in time and taps into moments of history that ended the free love movement. It’s a heavy visual reminder that history usually repeats its self and parades the dark side of humanity. A very heavy ride! We’ve been gearing up for the studio over the summer writing what will be the next SpiralArms release. We have 7 songs so far and tons of riffs/ideas that will wrap up the song writing this month. These songs are a nice growth from Freedom…a little heavier even…and we’re really excited about them! Our plan is to be in the studio tracking in October with a release for early 2015. Stay tuned and we’ll keep the updates coming!”

SpiralArms rose from the ashes of millennial bands Systematic, Forbiddenand Man Made God. This sextet has one mission. That mission is to save today’s music scene by bringing true heavy melodic rock to the forefront.  And they are doing this with Freedom.

SpiralArms critically acclaimed second album Freedom last year on SPV/Steamhammer.  The album can be ordered on Amazon and iTunes

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