Interview W/ Shaman’s Harvest Lead Vocalist Nathan Hunt


WWE fans may remember Shaman’s Harvest from their song Broken Dreams the theme song for WWE superstar Drew McIntyre. Also the song End Of Daysused by WWE superstar Wade Barrett.

Fans of the bands first album Shine which featured the single Dragonfly will be happy to know the Jefferson ,Missouri natives are back with a brand new album titled Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns due out September 16th via Mascot Label Group.

Check Out The Interview Below…….

Dante: How long did it take to make the new record Smokin Hearts & Broken Guns?

Nathan Hunt: It was a ten month process. Everything seemed to be getting written in the studio. Just developing the songs took some time. We would track it, scrap it and decide to redo it later. So it took longer than we anticipated.

Dante: Do you have your own studio or did you have to keep shelling out the cash?

Nathan Hunt: No, we kept shelling it out. Luckily we got a per song rate at this place called Trailer Studios in St. Louise Missouri.

Dante: I am a wrestling fan. I first heard you on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Your song Broken Dreams was the theme song for former WWE Superstar Drew Mcintyre. Did you garner new fans from that one song?

Nathan Hunt: Fuck yeah, you can not buy that kind of publicity. They have millions of viewers every week. It’s like the Super Bowl every Monday night. You could definitely see a spike in our sales after WWE started to use our song Broken Dreams for Drew Mcintyre.

Dante: How does that work? Do they call you or do you contact them? After playing this album so many times I think you have a few songs that could be used by the WWE. Your song Dangerous sounds as if it could be a theme song.

Nathan Hunt: It’s a back and forth thing. Sometimes they may have a song in mind and they might approach an artist with it or they might hear something an artist has done that they like. Or an artist may write something in mind for the WWE and send it to them and hope for the best. It’s funny that you said what you said. We are in talks with the WWE and we have sent them a few songs to take a look at. If something is going to happen it might take a few months so we will see where it goes.

Dante: What is the first song going to radio?

Nathan Hunt: We started going to radio a few weeks ago. Dangerous is the first song we are leading with. It’s the first song on the record, and I think it may be our first foray back into active rock for Smokin Hearts & Broken Guns.

Dante: In Chains is my favorite song on the record. The vocal is amazing. Could you tell me about that song?

Nathan Hunt: In Chains is my favorite song on the record too and it was the last song to be recorded. I like songs to mean something different to everyone who hears it. On a personal level, I was going through cancer treatments at the time. We were doing that song around the time I was told I was going through remission. So it’s kind of like shaking off the chains that hold you down.

Dante: What kind of cancer do you have?

Nathan Hunt: I have a rare form of lymphatic cancer. It formed in my lymph nods, my tonsils, and my throat.

Dante: So you’re not only lucky to be able to sing but you are also lucky it didn’t spread and you are able to talk.

Nathan Hunt: Yeah. It was a lot of work. It was a bummer man but I was going through the treatments while I was doing the record and I started seeing a vocal couch and she saved my ass on a lot of shit. She taught me how to work around some of the negative side effects of the treatments. There was plenty of times during this process I thought about hanging up my hat. But luckily enough I was recording a record and I had something to focus on.

Dante: How did it affect the making of the record?

Nathan Hunt: It affected everything physically and emotionally. We would track something and I would have to leave to get treatments, comeback and track again, and then leave again. It was part of driving the emotions of the record.

Dante: How supportive were the guys in the band?

Nathan Hunt: Huge. I could not have done this without them. Our guitar player went to almost every treatment with me. He was with me when I was told I was in remission. I could not have done it without him. I took a lot of shit out on him and I shared with him the joy of finding out I am in remission as well.

Dante: Are you cancer free right now?

Nathan Hunt: I am in full remission. I have to go back every six months to get a scan and make sure that I am clear.

Dante: Is there going to be a video Dangerous?

Nathan Hunt: We just came home from New York where we did the video for the song Dangerous. That should be released next week but there is also a lyric video out as well.

Dante: Is there any tour plans in the works?

Nathan Hunt: We have a few House Of Blues shows coming up and we are in talks about going out with another band for a run and we will be doing some radio promo shows and stuff like that to push the record.

Dante: What can fans expect from Smokin Hearts & Broken Guns?

Nathan Hunt: I think people can expect a record that they can play from the beginning to end without getting bored. I think emotionally it has a lot to offer. It’s not the same song done eleven different ways. Each song has a different feel from track to track. And I think that is important to do as a band and for the listeners. Because all people don’t feel the same way. People want that track that is going to make them want to push the pedal down just a little bite more or that track that is just a slow jam that they can kick back to. I think we offer it all.

Dante: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Nathan Hunt: People that are fans of our last record Shine, I am sorry it took so long to get this new record out. Come September 16th we are going to fuck some shit up.


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