Hugo Ferreira of Tantric talks new album Blue Room Archives Due Out Tomorrow 9/30

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Tantric’s new album, Blue Room Archives will be released tomorrow Sept 30th. Tantric fans will be pleased to know Blue Room Archives is full of Tantric favorites such as acoustic versions of Breakdown and Mourning and also features the new single Cynical. I had a conversation with Hugo Ferreira about Blue Room Archives. Here are a few excerpts from that conversation regarding the album.
About Blue Room Archives

Hugo Ferreira : It’s such a cool thing. It’s like industrial remixes. There are five songs that have already been released but they are remixed. All I do is lock myself in the studio and work. This record is so eclectic. The genre of were this thing goes is like going from Nine Inch Nails to Robin Trower. I have recorded over a thousand songs that I have never released and I have never found a place to put a lot of these songs. So what I did basically was made a mix tape of shit I thought was awesome. Pretty much that is what this is. Just imagine making a CD that is not all in one genre or style but it is all Tantric. I wrote it. But there is all sorts of stuff in there. There is laid back unplugged stuff. Then there is industrial kind of stuff. I really can’t explain it but even if it was not my record I would still buy it.

Who Played on the record?

Hugo Ferreira : My friend Kenny Olsen played on it and Brett Hestla from Dark New Day. I did everything else.


Hugo Ferreira : The label gives me free rain to do whatever I want. I would do a video only if I had a really good concept. The thing is, there is not really a venue for videos to be played. If I could come up with something unique and clever maybe but I probably won’t.


Hugo Ferreira : I will probably be touring for the next year and a half. I really don’t see any end in site.


Hugo Ferreira : I would like to say thank you for all the support but I would also like to say if you like a band not just my band but any band buy their album, go to a show.

And what he thought of the comments made by Kiss Co. Founder Gene Simmons…….Is rock dead?

Hugo Ferreira : I think artist that were selling a million records are now selling tenth of that. When an industry changes like that the people that suffer the most are the ones at the bottom of the totem pole. And I think it will implode soon. And hopefully when it does it will give birth to something better. I don’t think it rock is dead. I thinks it’s less profitable but I think it’s truly alive. Rock is still alive and kicking.

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