Interview w/ Rich Books of Orcus / New CD Bed of Lies OUT NOW


On Sunday Sep 28th,  Orcus took the stage opening for Overkill and Prong and they unleashed their new CD “Bed of Lies” featuring “Reap What You Sow” with Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad/Scar the Martyr on lead guitar.

Now you have another chance to catch them this Sunday at Reverb in Reading PA as they open for SOULFLY. I asked Rich Books (Bass/Vocals) a few questions, see what he had to say below.


Dante: For people who may not know of Orcus can you please introduce the band?

Rich Books: Sure Orcus is Greg Allison on Guitar/backing vocals. Dann Romano on Drums. Josh Dwell on Guitar and myself Rich Books on Bass Guitar/ Vocals.

Dante: Tell us about your new CD Bed Of Lies?

Rich Books: Bed of Lies is Orcus’ new CD it was recorded at The Damage Room in Downingtown PA ( ) engineer was Kevin Pandele, artwork was handled by Jodi Cachia, ( there is a guest appearance on two of 6 songs (Reap What You Sow & Shadow of a Man) from no other than Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad/Scar the Martyr on lead guitar. He is a great friend so I asked him if he would be into being a part of this and throwing down a couple leads and he did and they sound Fantastic!! Jed is the man!!


Dante: You just had your CD release party at The Trocadero in Philadelphia opening for Overkill and Prong. You were definitely the heaviest band there that night. How do you think it went?

Rich Books: Yeah we were definitely the heaviest band there but it was really good. Seemed to win over a lot of new fans, sold a lot of merch that’s all I can ask for. We have played with Overkill numerous times over the years, they are always real cool to us and Tommy Victor and the Prong guys were all real nice too. We have opened for a lot of bands and you just never know what your gonna get attitude wise, but great show, great vibe all the way around I thought.

Dante: Tell us about you up coming show at Reverb in Reading PA?

Rich Books: We are sharing the stage This Sunday October 12th with SOULFLY. Pretty stoked about that too! We played with them last year in Wilmington Delaware. I’ve Been a huge fan of Max forever so yeah pretty ready for it. Should be a great time I’m sure. Doors are at 6:00 pm all ages


Dante: After recording Bed Of Lies were there any songs that did not make the CD and if so will they end up being recorded later?

Rich Books: No we had a budget that we had to stick to, so the plan was 6 songs and that’s what we stuck with.

Dante: Considering Bed Of Lies just came out how long do you think it will be before we get more new music?

Rich Books: Not sure really…. Gonna promo this one for a little while. We have some other songs in the works but not done yet but it will be a little while before we go back in to record again.

Dante: Is there any plans for a tour?

Rich Books: No touring plans as of now, just trying to do some hefty shows here and there and some local shows to try and move some of the CD’s. We think this the best product Orcus has put out to date, so just want to get it to as many ears as possible.

Dante: Where can people buy Bed Of Lies?

Rich Books: Bed of Lies is available worldwide on ITunes, Amazon, etc and “physical copies” are being sold on our website

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