Lynam Drummer David Lynam Interviewed …Clears up rumors and talks new music


Photo Credit: Alan Matthews


Jacob Bunton – Vocals, Guitar David Lynam – Drums, Vocals Lonny Paul – Guitar, Vocals Mark Dzier– Bass, Vocals

First off I want to thank Joe Dolan for sending me the Lynam show review he did from The Whisky A- Go- Go in L.A. After I posted it, I thought to my self it has been a while since I spoke to anyone in the Lynam camp. The last time being Vocalist/Guitarist Jacob Bunton before the release of the Adler album Back From The Dead. So this past Saturday night I reached out to Drummer David Lynam. We spoke for a few minutes before he took the stage in Ramona ,CA……….CHECK IT OUT BELOW

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Dante: Hey David, thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

David Lynam: No problem man.

Dante: I want to start off by going back to what was supposed to be your last album ever. Your live album, Thank You Good Night. Some of your fans thought you were breaking up. Jacob became the vocalist for the band Adler. There were a lot of mixed messages out there considering Lynam never stopped doing shows.

David Lynam: It was not supposed to be a break up record. We were never going to break up and we have not ever broken up. We have enough albums to tour on. But after that announcement not only did the Adler thing happen but people started to think we were breaking up. It got to be ridiculous. We kept saying we are not breaking up and people kept sending messages. And not only that but some of our heroes that we grew up listening to reached out to us just to let us know they are huge fans of ours and wishing us the best. First of all, we didn’t think anyone gave a shit about our band that much and it was inspiring. The live record was just a combination of shows we did over the past eight years. We tried to find a handful of tracks that didn’t suck too bad because we didn’t go back and polish any of that live stuff up. Everything that is released live for the most part is touched up. Our live record has all the mistakes on it and it’s a true live record. I don’t even know how we came to the conclusion that we were not going to release anymore studio albums.

Dante: OK just to clear the air….between the time of the announcement of the last Lynam album ever and Jacob joining Adler was there ever any talk or thought of the band breaking up?

David Lynam: No, by the time the band Adler started consuming a lot of Jacob’s time and it started to culminate into and album and into a tour I sat down with Jacob and asked him “what are we going to do with Lynam”. Jacob and I started Lynam and we are partners in the band. And if he goes on tour with Adler then I am left holding the bag employment wise because we can’t do Lynam shows without Jacob. So I went on the road with Adler. There was never a time that Lynam broke up.

Dante: Lonnie Paul was a member of Adler. When did he join Lynam?

David Lynam: When the Adler summer tour was canceled Lonnie was pretty much left holding the bag. He had no band to go too and no matter what is going on in our lives Lynam is always playing shows maybe not every weekend but we are always playing shows. When the Adler thing was going on I was the tour manager and I was also Steven’s drum tech. Jacob and I just got to be such good friends with him we said “just join our band”. He is a nice person, we like having him. He lives on the West Coast and we are in Alabama, it’s kind of weird a little bit but we are at the point in our career that we do a lot of fly in dates so him living in California does not really hurt us at all. Jacob is in L.A. all the time anyway. It’s only Mark and I that stay in Alabama. Jacob is in L.A. a whole bunch writing and doing other stuff.


Dante: Last year you released Half Way To Hell. What made you guys decide to release new music?

David Lynam: What inspired us to write Half Way To Hell was all of the fans saying they wanted more material from us. And to be honest it really was not just our fans, it was finding out that some of our idols were fans of ours. Just people we grew up watching on MTV when we were kids. We would run in to them at shows and they would show us that we were their most played band in their iPod. It was inspiring enough to write another album. We were going to put out a full length but it just takes so long to record and our producer’s schedule was full and we had five or six songs and we decided to just release it as an E.P. That is probably the way we are going to do things from here on out unless we have a big chunk of time to spend in the studio to record a full length.

Dante: Is there any plans for another album?

David Lynam: We already recorded three songs. Our goal is to release this E.P. as soon as possible. We want to tour Europe next year. We have never done that and of course more U.S. dates as well. We are going to write this record for us. We have written records in the past that we thought our fans might like and we made song selections for albums based on what we thought was good for radio. But not anymore. We are not a band that is going to pursue that because rock radio is just so dead. We don’t want to write songs for that format any more. There are too many bands out there that are writing songs that just sound the same. So we are just going to write for us and do what makes us happy. And you never know, this new album may be eclectic. Some of this new stuff is really poppy. There is a lot of ear candy going on. It is a weird mix of stuff. Our motto for this album is, if you can’t imagine Bevis and Butthead chanting it than we are not going to put it on the album.

Dante: You are on the road with Gus G. how is that going?

David Lynam: It’s going really good. We were expecting a smaller crowd and on a Wednesday night in L.A. I would say it was full. The floor was full. The up stairs looked full so we could not be more excited. Las Vegas was really good.

Dante: Is there anything you want to say to your fans before we end this?

David Lynam: I am so appreciative to everyone. I never thought I would be in a band that would have my last name for starters. That’s what is funny about the whole thing. This band was supposed to be a joke. This was supposed to be temporary. I can not believe fourteen years later we have the amount of people that we have that still care about us. I never get used to that kind of stuff. It blows me away that people show up and stand in front of the stage every night. I am just so appreciative that people come to see us and care about us and our music. We never set out to change the world. We just do what we do and I can not believe people like it. It’s great.

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Dante: Did you say the band is named after you? Lynam is your last name for real. After all these years I never knew that.

David Lynam: Really? I know it’s a shitty name for a band.

Dante: Why did you guys name it Lynam?

David Lynam: The band got the name because I was a horrible drummer in the beginning and Jacob said “Here is what we are going to do. We are going to name the band Lynam. Now you have no choice but to get better because if you don’t your going to drag your family’s name through the mud. You have to get better. You can not play every night like your playing because it sounds horrible” So there began the trek to become a better drummer.

Dante: OK, I am going to let you go. I know you have shit to do before you get on stage. Thanks for taking the time to talk.

David Lynam: No problem Dante. Anytime. Thank you.

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