KOLONY Offer FREE Download ‘Echoes’ From Upcoming Debut Album ‘Sledge’ Due Out Nov 14th


Best described as crafting melodic rock metal, Montreal, QC’s KOLONY believes in doing things a little differently. Boldly combining elements of old school metal, NWOBHM, modern metal and rock, the band loves fast tempos, melodic vocals and all-around high-octane music with each track coming from the heart and reflecting the way its members think about the world. Setting out to write a full-length debut album at the start of 2013, KOLONY has arrived at its latest record, ‘Sledge’, an 11 track power adventure produced by Jef Fortin and the band that will be due out on November 14, 2014.  

Leading up to its release, KOLONY is proud to share with fans a FREE download of their first single ‘Echoes’ at the following link below.

“Hey!! We are excited to announce that our new record “Sledge” will finally be out very soon. Get ready because planets are aligned for November 14th!! We hope you’ll go crazy listening to “Sledge” and that you’ll spread the word about Kolony. Rock on!!” comments vocalist / guitarist Reno Benoit.


1 – I Realize (1:20)
2 – The Trial (3:36)
3 – Trust and Live (4:04)
4 – Echoes (4:06)
5 – Modern Hero (4:06)
6 – Anthem (5:42)
7 – Escape (4:47)
8 – I Don’t Care (5:23)
9 – Road (4:23)
10 – Monopoly (3:10)
11 – Sledge That Shit (4:16)
Album Length: 44:57

For more info, please visit http://www.kolonymusic.com 

FREE Download – Echoes – http://kolony.bandcamp.com/track/echoes 

Sledge – Album Pre-Order – http://kolony.bandcamp.com/ 

Music Video – Echoes – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg2aixl2tPg 

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