Orcus (Live Video) released via Rocktitan.tv


Rocktitan.tv have has released live video of Philadelphia mainstays Orcus from their October 12th performance at Reverb in Reading PA , were they took the stage as direct support for Soulfly.

Orcus recently released their new CD “Bed of Lies” the same day they opened for Overkill and Prong in Philadelphia PA on September 28th.


Check out a recent message posted by Orcus:

Hey! What’s happening? Well the past couple weeks have been pretty much a whirlwind for Orcus!! Lots of preparation for Overkill and Prong at The Troc! Then within two weeks it was Soulfly at Reverb in Reading!

Not complaining to say the least but just want to remind everyone of something…. Something that we are very proud of is our new CD “Bed of Lies” was also released in those two weeks!!

We moved quite a few copies the past couple shows but also want to tell you that it is available on iTunes, Amazon, Cd baby, and most of your digital Internet connections if you have not been able to make the shows! Thank you to everybody for your continued support and hope to see you soon.

Head over to http://www.orcusmetal.com where you can find pretty much anything ya need to know along with photos, lyrics, show dates, etc thanks See ya soon!

Also check out our interview with Rich Books here

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