Celebrating the 100th episode of the Official Danko Jones Podcast, the singer looks back on special moments and guests that have entertained millions since the programming went live with his first episode released on May 16, 2011.  Danko has covered an impressive range of topics, and has had a number of prestigious guests on the air. His friend, comedian, writer and punk/rock singer Nick Flanagan has been his co-host since the early days of the podcast, and has since returned for almost every episode.


During these past four years the podcast has evolved into a low-key, often fascinating and funny conversation between Danko and Nick concerning just about anything and everything, from rock music, chipotle and metal to Lady Gaga and children’s books and often accompanied by a guest. The podcast has had some pretty impressive guests come through, like Phil Campbell (Motörhead), Henry Rollins, Dizzy Reed & Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Jim Breuer, Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene), Ron Sexsmith, Leslie Feist, Damien Abraham (Fucked Up) and Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall).
In the hundredth episode Danko revisits some of the high-points from the previous 99 episodes and also talks about why he first started the podcast and why he continues to do it.  He shared, “Whether people know it or not, I’m not the most outgoing gregarious fellow. I like to save it all, and spurt it out on stage. After that, I keep to myself. So, I’ve used the podcast to deliberately put myself in social situations. Of course the lure is, I get to be personal and social with people I admire, and they always yield some pretty great stories.”
Danko Jones latest album FIRE MUSIC was released on April 21 in the U.S. via Bad Taste Records/MRI.  The new album is loaded with some of the most incendiary, fierce, and downright pissed-off songs the band has ever committed to tape.  In the past, Danko Jones’ repertoire has frequently exhibited a physical and emotional release for those times when love is unkind, but with these songs the trio exhibits what happens when therapy doesn’t work. Song to song, the listener experiences Danko’s pent-up agitation that has been left to stew, getting expelled into pure, merciless, violent rock ‘n’ roll fury.  The repertoire unleashes a torrent of Misfits-worthy shout along hooks, as Jones crosses into a realm where whatever belief he ever had in love and romance has disintegrated into the darkest depths of a blackened soul.  In late-2014, the band issued a first taste sharing a clip for “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight” shot on the Motorhead cruise and at the Grona Lund amusement park performance in Stockholm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e04SBHtbfl4.
With the new album, co-founders Danko Jones and John “JC” Calabrese welcome new drummer Rich Knox, formerly of southern fried Toronto rockers Flash Lightning.  FIRE MUSIC was produced and mixed by Juno Award winning producer Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Monster Truck, Metric), and the cover / packaging was designed by Grammy Award winner Gail Marowitz.  The complete track listing for FIRE MUSIC is:
“Wild Woman,” “The Twisting Knife,” “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight,” “Body Bags,” “Live Forever,” “Do You Wanna Rock,” “Getting Into Drugs,” “Watch You Slide,” “I Will Break Your Heart,” “Piranha,” “She Ain’t Coming Home.”
Over the past eighteen years, Danko Jones has released twelve albums yielding fifteen Top 40 singles.  The band has travelled the globe, bouncing across the Atlantic over thirty times, including an arena tour with Guns N Roses that hit eleven countries.  Their video trilogy featuring Elijah Wood and Ralph Macchio alongside the band’s feature-length documentary have been seen by millions. Danko Jones repertoire has been a constant in film and television, with recent placements over the past couple of years including Kick-Ass 2 (Trailer/Film/Soundtrack usage), True Blood, CSI:NY and many more.  NME stated, “Danko Jones…might be the best band in the world,” while Classic Rock wrote, “Canada’s Danko Jones have an element that’s so badly overlooked in garage rock – they understand soul.”  With FIRE MUSIC, the band begins the next chapter of their storied career.

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