JOHNNY B. MORBID Finalize Tour Dates/ Complete Album Streaming


Veteran Metallic Punks JOHNNY B. MORBID have finalized dates for “It’s Not Usually Like This” U.S. tour, which launches July 9 in Bayville, NJ. Updated tour dates are below. The New Jersey band is touring in support of new album Fall of the Cicada. Stream and/or purchase it at this location.
The official video for album track “True Believer” has been released and features Troma Films President and creator of The Toxic Avenger Lloyd Kaufman. Check it out HERE.

Established in 2005 and fiercely independent ever since, JOHNNY B. MORBID has self-release seven full-length albums. Carmen Ugaro is chief navigator and writer of the band’s punk-based, melodically anchored, and metallically-edged style. While lead singer Ugaro remains the cornerstone of the band, notable band members have included guitarist Kyle Smith of The Concubine, Mike Joffe of I Call Fives, Dan Leonard and Rick Flanegan of Divinity Destroyed, and Pat Henry of Swashbuckle.  Ugaro’s resume also includes a 2011-2014 stint as bassist for Michael Graves (MISITS), as well serving as Marky Ramone’s drum tech (2011-2012). JOHNNY B. MORBID has toured extensively on the East Coast and Midwest, supporting such acts as The Offspring, GWAR, The Misfits, Decapitated, Bad Religion, Rise Against, and Killswitch Engage. Fall of the Cicada is also available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody.




True Believer

Before I Fade



Above and Beyond

It Came from the North

Future in Flames

Fear Itself

In the Unknown

Fall of the Cicada


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