NAPALM DEATH announce “Deathcrusher” tour

NAPALM DEATH continue to promote their 15th and much-praised studio album release “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” and have recently announced their participation on what will be one of the heaviest tour packages of the year: The “Deathcrusher Tour” 2015, which sees NAPALM DEATH and labelmates VOIVOD join up with headliners Carcass, Obituary as well as Herod all throughout November in Europe. Here are the dates revealed so far:
“Deathcrusher Tour 2015”
Carcass, Obituary, Napalm Death, Voivod & Herod
Presented by Rage Wear, Ad Ticket, OX Fanzine, Fuze Mag., Slam Magazin & Big Cheese
01.11. Gent (Belgium) – De Vooruit
02.11. Köln (Germany) – Live Music Hall
03.11. Geneva (Switzerland) – L’Usine
04.11. Stuttgart (Germany) – LKA Longhorn
05.11. Prague (Czech Republic) – Folimanka Hall
06.11. Magdeburg (Germany) – Factory
08.11. Gothenburg (Sweden) – Tradgar’n
09.11. Stockholm (Sweden) – Arenan
11.11. Gdansk (Poland) – B90
12.11. Warsaw (Poland) – Progresja
13.11. Leipzig (Germany) – Täubchenthal
15.11. Vienna (Austria) – Simm City
16.11. Munich (Germany) – Kesselhaus
17.11. Bologna (Italy) – Estragon Club
18.11. Pratteln (Switzerland) – Z7
19.11. Wiesbaden (Germany) – Schlachthof
21.11. Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Speedfest
26.11. Madrid (Spain) – Sala Riviera
27.11. Lisboa (Portugal) – Cine Teatro Corrois
28.11. Bilbao (Spain) – Sala Santana 27
29.11. Barcelona (Spain) – Sala Razzmatazz
More dates to be announced soon…
NAPALM DEATH’s Shane Embury comments as follows:
“It goes without saying that we are really looking forward to the upcoming “Deathcrusher Tour”. The Musical history and relevance between all 4 of the bands truly speaks for itself I think – It’s heartwarming to be a part of it.
All of the bands involved in this tour have been great friends for what I guess is a lifetime now – we have played together on many separate occasions before BUT this tour! This tour is something very special, I mean come on…VOIVOD, NAPALM DEATH, OBITUARY & CARCASS are you kidding? All on the same bill night after night?? This is the A to Z of heavy, grinding, progressive, crushing riffs in one insane package!
I expect to see nothing less than savage mosh pit mayhem every evening….this is one tour nobody should miss…”
But before that, NAPALM DEATH will be playing various runs of headline club shows and appear at several open-air events as well. Here is a list of the upcoming NAPALM DEATH shows (including newly announced dates for North America), kicking off today in The Netherlands.
NAPALM DEATH – Live 2015:
03.07. Deventer (The Netherlands) – Burgerweeshuis
04.07. Trier (Germany) – Ex- Haus / Death Shall Rise Festival
05.07. Köln (Germany) – Underground
06.07. Osnabrück (Germany) – Bastard Club
07.07. Freiburg (Germany) – Atlantik
09.07. Novi Sad (Serbia) – Exit Festival
10.07. Strasskirchen (Germany) – Plutonium Klub
11.07. Berlin (Germany) – SO36
26.07. Austin (USA) – Austin Music Hall
27.07. Dallas (USA) – South Side Ballroom
28.07. Houston (USA) – Bayou Music Center
07.08. Jaromer (Czech Republic) – Brutal Assault Festival
08.08. Derbyshire (UK) – Bloodstock Festival
28.08. Gigors et Lozeron (France) – Freakshow Festival
29.08. Wörrstadt (Germany) – Neuborn Open Air Festival
11.09. Frederick (USA) – Café 611
12.09. Cave-In-Rock (USA) – Full Terror Assault Open Air
02.10. Krasnodar (Russia) – Arena Hall
04.10. Yaroslavl (Russia) – Gorka Club
06.10. Samara (Russia) – Zvezda Club
07.10. St. Petersburg (Russia) – Zal Ozhidaniya
08.10. Moscow (Russia) – Volta
11.10. Tokyo (Japan) – Saitama Super Arena / Loudpark Festival

More dates soon…
On other news, NAPALM DEATH have just made an unreleased track from the sessions of their latest album “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” available as charity download for Nepal. Look for the track “Earthwire” and further information here:
Here are some words by NAPALM DEATH about this project:
“Having been fortunate to be invited to Kathmandu just over three years ago to play a gig, I remember fondly the unique, enriching experience that it gave us as a band. When you’re bouncing from continent to continent in short spaces of time, it might be very easy to become complacent to where you process all those continents through the same perceptive filter. I think you owe it those who receive you – and to yourself – to have a deeper sense of understanding.
Nepal, therefore, seemed not only a place of striking beauty, but also a tougher place for things that you would normally take for granted e.g. a stage to play on and a place for a concert festival. A wider viewing revealed such grim inequalities – in comparison to the wider world – as people living in holes at the side of the road, which then actually became one of the reference points for our current album, ‘Apex Predator – Easy Meat’.
When the earthquake struck on the 25th April 2015, I recalled the general frailty of the buildings in Kathmandu (something which you see on several continents where deprivation makes everyday habitation a very hazardous experience) and could already imagine the consequences – I didn’t necessarily need to view the inevitable volume of TV / internet footage.
Shane, our bass player, was already thinking of what Napalm Death could do to alleviate things in our own small way and knowing that Bill Gould from Faith No More had been involved in the region, Shane was kindly directed by him to the DZI. We like the fact that the community has an overriding hand in deciding how to best use resources, and the spirit of independence that the DZI encourages is something that runs in parallel with the ethos of Napalm Death.
We therefore present an exclusive track from the aforementioned album session written by our guitarist, Mitch Harris – to raise funds for the work and resources required through the DZI. The lyrics can be interpreted in several different ways, but to me they signify acknowledging and embracing humanity beyond the relentless march of technology. Perhaps somewhat apt here.
Please give what you can to aid the rebuilding of people’s lives – and bathe in the sonic extremity.”
With thanks and in solidarity, Mark “Barney” Greenway for and on behalf of Napalm Death
Also, feel free to check out an entertaining video feature showcasing NAPALM DEATH’s Shane Embury visiting the John Peel archive as part of the “Record Boxes” series commissioned by The Space, where he explains how Grindcore came into being, exploring the elements of its genetic make up with records from John Peel’s own collection. Here is the clip:
Upon release in January, NAPALM DEATH’s latest album “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” managed to enter the sales charts in several countries across the world with the following highest positions: Germany: #36, Switzerland: #64, France: #69, Greece: #60, Belgium (Flemish): #103, Belgium (Wallonia): #111, UK: #120, UK Rock Chart: #15, US Top 200: #113, US New Artist Top 50: #2.
You can purchase various formats of “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” as well as previous NAPALM DEATH releases at a fine retailer near you.


NAPALM DEATH’s animated video clip, created by Michael Panduro (Cephalic Carnage, Saint Vitus, JFAC, etc.), for the short and intense album-track “Smash A Single Digit” can be seen here: or here (Within Germany):
Also check out two other tracks from “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” promotionally here:
An extensive track-by-track video featuring NAPALM DEATH vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway explaining the lyrical themes of the songs on “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” can be seen here:

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